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Take your pick (no fusing powers allowed!)
Of these 5 powers above, you have the chance to pick just 1 power to have for the rest of your life. Each power has its pros and cons. No alternating! Take your pick.
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natsus magic
a year ago·Reply
@AdamDean I see your point. I would argue though that, while a stand does have certain abilities that aren't interchangeable (I.e. Star Platinum being able to suddenly spew fire), it's up to the user to find different ways to use their stands abilities. I could think of many everyday uses for stands like Star Platinum, stopping time not included. I do see the potential in mind reading though
a year ago·Reply
@Namrow Grabbing a remote or just extending my reach while being lazy would be the first think that comes to mind... though I suppose cheating in poker would work too... Jotaro proved that. But it really seems more like a convience to life cheat rather than a new sense...
a year ago·Reply
@AdamDean No, think bigger. Star Platinum can move sections of buildings. After you cheat the big casinos in Vegas out of their money, you could build your own dream home on land that you own. You could glide around the city and have a jolly ol' time, fighting crime along the way.
a year ago·Reply
@AdamDean then if you got really bored, you could perform street magic and astonish thousands of people
a year ago·Reply