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There's been a lot going on in the EXO fandom since the start of EXO's new tour EXO'rDIUM. I'm just gonna touch on some topics that shook the fandom this past week.

Artificial Love Performance

Oh boy. This performance was definitely something else. And I don't mean that in a good way. Now I'll admit the dance was sexy obviously but damn EXO!!! Canes really?? No one told me I was looking at a Magic Mike performance. I could've looked past the dance if it actually fit the song but it didn't. For example When I listened to Artificial Love the last thing I was thinking of was body rolls and hip thrusts. It just didn't match the dance. I'm not blaming the guys either but more so the choreographer. I still have no idea how they thought that was okay but it wasn't. It just wasn't.

Kai's Injured.....again.

Surprise! Kai is injured again. He apparently sprained his ankle during a concert that prevented him from standing on stage. And because it happened so early he won't be able to perform in the rest of the performances. There is a video where he did get a little emotional when apologizing to EXO-Ls. It's really sad to think of how heartbroken Kai must feel not being able to dance. But what really worries me is the number of times Kai has injured his ankle. SM has stated that the injury isn't that serious and he will continue to perform but not fully. I just hope Kai doesn't push himself and hurt his ankle permanently.

Sehun's "I Like Men" Comment

This pissed me off. Like legit all the memes and jokes people have been making need to stop. Nothing about this is funny. Now we all know how different Korean and English is interpreted and spoken. For people to actually take something Sehun said and blow it up like this is shocking to me. Going to his instagram and leaving comments like "Please don't be gay Sehunnie!!" "If your gay Sehun I can't bias you anymore." Are you kidding me?? Even if he wasn't gay do you seriously think you would have a chance with him? Hell no. So what does it matter if he is gay? Either way he's not ending up with you so just be happy for him unconditionally. Thats the fangirl dream. And that's all it is. Don't get so butthurt over something so stupid.
Dont forget to comment your thoughts too. I really want to hear what everyone has to say about these recent events.
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👌👏👏👏 I love how real you are lol. So straight shooter when it came to the shit people are saying about Sehun. No, they don't have a chance, so let him be himself.
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I agree with everything... except baekhyun... this may sound a bit selfish but I think he's too skinny. like too skinny to be completely healthy. i mean he'll live but it's still a little unnerving. also maybe Kai did hurt his ankle permanently and its weakened and that's why it keeps getting hurt? who knows. and I honestly don't take sese (sehun) seriously so I knew he didn't mean anything too intimate but even if he did who cares? it's not like it's something anyone can control.
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I kinda miss when exo actually performed like with mama, wolf, growl, and history. or what is love. I mean fan service is nice every now and then but exo is officially the equivalent of male strippers who sing. now they just have to invite fans on stage and grind on them. I hate all of it. flash us every now and then, but don't make them grind on a stick every time they hit the stage.
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Kai's injury doesn't, as that ankle is probably always.going to be weak now. It's not anything he can really do except try to strengthen it with physical therapy. Baekhyun looks very skinny and unhealthy. his are not normal. You can count his ribs, so honestly, that worries me.
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All the focus on abs and extremely sexual dances is disappointing. I don't want to feel like I should avoid EXO for the same reason I avoided going to a backelorette party that involved a strip club. Nobody, fans or management, should be pressuring them into stuff like this; if they for some reason want to do it, that's different. I'd rather see them eat well and rest enough and focus on the music.
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