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So close to the end. Wow. UKwon, visually express my feelings for me.
Now do something sexy.
Thank you =^) What's today's challenge?
If I could choose a concept for an MV... what would I come up with? :^D! THIS IS GREAT. I CAN'T WAIT. I'M SO EXCITED. HERE I GO. IT'S COMING. RN.


I am admittedly grossly obsessed with noir detectives, crime, mafia, classic gangsters, etc, (shamelessly promoting my BTS and GOT7 Mafia fanfic right now ahem).
With Nillili Mambo, they had a land pirate thing going on, and Zico also did a collab with Zion T called Eureka that somewhat had a Noir aspect.
But I'm talking about a straight up 20s detective/gangster theme. Like playing either roles and such, shootin' up places with Tommy guns, smoking cigars, ayeeee. Imagine how well they'd actually pull that off!
THEY EVEN LOOK GREAT JUST AS SILHOUETTES. Ugh, help me invest in being an MV producer so I can make this happen. Thanks for hanging out today, see you tomorrow!
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I'll make a donation for you to make this MV happen. that's a bomb concept ya got there doll, be a shame if nothin ever became of it. well I'm obsessed with the seven deadly sins so that'd be my concept. I think it'd go like this Lust - Zico Greed - Jaehyo Sloth - Pyo Envy - Kyung Wrath - BBomb Pride - Taeil Gluttony - UKwon