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Baebumie Wednesdays Hat edition (2 days late)

Hey Everyone... So I was a little busy yesterday and Wednesday to do a card for my love Jr and the leader Jb...

This is Jb card but you can find my Junior card here->

Well the reason why was I was busy yesterday and Wednesday was because I was celebrating my Dad's birthday yesterday 7/28 and busy skyline wit my sister for her birthday 7/27 and my nieces and nephews wednesday. So I love you all and felt guilty so I'm posting them today.

this may be my favorite jb pics
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i was looking through these and my little brother was next to me and he was like "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT YOU WEIRDO" and i was like "a korean man thats hotter than youll ever be" I HAVE NO SHAME
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my son calls me weirdo but bambam and jaebum are his favs... but he is like why just Korean men? I'm like it's not just Korean men it's hot men
a year ago·Reply
my beautiful man
a year ago·Reply
Can you add me to anything about GOT7 if I'm not already on your tag list, please?
a year ago·Reply
@TaraJenner yes I will
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