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Baekhyun revealed his abs today. Yes he made these abs my starving himself and chewing rice to only spit it out again. Sure he looks hot i give him credit for that but they need to know that with abs or not, EXO-Ls will still love them for who they are. It is his body and he can do whatever he wants with it but i just hope that he is eating regularly and is healthy. Comment your opinions please!
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I'd rather have a squishy healthy Baekhyun who is eating than a not eating Baekhyun with abs. I just hope he is eating regularly and staying healthy
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I think those are his serratus anterior muscles, not only his ribs. They run right over the ribs and assist with arm movement and tend to show up more with a lower body fat percentage, as with all muscles, but I don't think he's nearing an unhealthy level. At least I certainly hope he's healthy and not starving himself. As long as he's eating other nutritious food regularly, cutting out grains shouldn't be a problem. I'll love him through thick and thin, Nutella or Hershey's :P....stay healthy, Baekhyun!
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He probably followed Xiumin's diet cause remember when he was skinny to the bone and the next thing you know he got abs? Maybe that how Baekhyun got is Nutella Abs
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