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I have started a study group on kakao to help everyone learn Korean. I post videos like this as well as pictures like the ones below to help everyone learn. Also we help each other and there are several native Korean speakers in the group... To include a linguistics major and a Korean friend of mine who is an experienced English teacher in Korea. I'm going to include the link to the group below the pictures. It's an open group so, you don't need to give your kakao ID out if you don't want to. Come join us!
I am using my son's 뽀로로 poster as a visual aid... ㅋㅋㅋ
Also I just got almost all of the books from Talktomeinkorean's bookstore!
Ahhhh! Can't wait for more of these!!!
I just joined, hope you don't mind
I post them to my YouTube channel and share them to my kakao group about 3 times a week
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