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Que tal peeps!

I know yall been waiting for this. Thanks to all those who are my ride or die amigos and have been supporting me. Excuse my typo I'm super tired and had a long day. Yall know the drill

Thanks for all your support mis amgios. Well the rule is the same. If this part get at least 10 likes I will continue with the series.

Mature Content



You both follow the noises to the guest room in the boys apartment. This is the room that was declared to be your room for when you stayed over. The door was cracked and you could hear low groans and slipped noises. Tae walks before you and kicked the cracked door wide open. Tae face was beat red. "Bro oh hell naw!" Tae says while holding in his laugh. You almost went blind when you saw Jungkook wacking himself with your lace undies over his head. Jungkook quickly hid behind the bed. "Get the fuck out bro!" Jungkook yelled. "Okay looks like you need time alone anyways. I just hope that's not my lotion you are using." Tae says while chuckling. Jungkook throws a pillow at Tae and you step back as he closes the door. Tae and you just shake your head and run down the hallway laughing. Five minutes passed and Jungkook walked into the kitchen. He face was red. "Sorry you caught me like that. But I like you too." Jungkook says. "Well that's obvious bro! Jimin is going to kill you." Tae blurts out. "Well I'm speechless Jungkook but...what you do with your meat is your business. I'm flattered but you know I'm with Jimin." You pat him in the back. "Let's just forget the while thing and do what was planned."
Some days has passed since you and Tae walked in on Jungkook beating his meat. You felt bad for him but it made you feel good that you still had that effect on men. You and Tae promised not to tell Jimin as long as Jungkook stayed out your panty drawer. It was the big night. The night you would give yourself to Jimin. You were so ready. You had the whole day planned. Jimin and you just left the park and you two were going to your place. Jimin followed you to your door. He almost went crazy when he saw that your place was filled with rose petals and candles lit. You asked Jin to prepare the place when you were out and he did not disappoint you. The floor was covered with red, white, and pink rose petals. "Baby I should have done this for you." Jimin says as you close the door. "Well you already do so much for me papi. Just enjoy it...enjoy me." You kiss his lips before he could say a word. You take his hand and you two walk into your bedroom. Your bed had pink rose petals on top and you had chocolate strawberries on the night stand. You softly push Jimin on the bed and he laughs. He reaches for you and you grab a strawberry and seductively lick the tip. He licks his lips and grabs it and feeds it to you. He kisses you and licks the sweet juice from your lips. "I want you so bad kitten." He whispers in your ear. "Take me..papi" You whisper. Jimin turns into a wolf and rips off your dress. He notices the sexy nude lingerie you had on. "Dance for me kitten." He says while taking off his pants. You begin dancing and dropping it low giving him what he wanted. You bend over in front of him and shake you butt like you used to when you were a stripper. He slaps your butt and pulls you over to him. You grind on his sensitive area. "You dance so well kitten." He says
Jimin picks you up and begins kissing all over you and he sips down low to have a taste. You groan as you pull at his hair. He moves backs up to your stomach and plays with you navel while allowing his fingers to continue to cause you to groan. "We don't have to tonight. I know this is your first...." You place your finger on his lips. "You will be my first. I'm giving myself to you completely papi." You say in the sweetest tone. He grins. "Well let me continue to get you ready for the Jimin dragon." After fooling around Jimin places you on your back. You both are fully nude and nothing in between you too. He gazes into your eyes. You were so ready to be his and he was ready to have you. "This might hurt so kiss me the whole time." He says. You nod. Jimin slips into you. You groan as you feel him stretching you. He continues to enter your cave and finally you felt his break past your barrier. You gasps as he breaks you in and he quickly puts his mouth on your as you dig in his back. He was all the way in. You never were this close to him. You two were one now. He slowly begins working you pumping in and out. You could feel your discomfort turning into pleasure. He plays with your hood as he pumps you. "Shit baby you feel so good. I love you." "I love you too." You moan. Suddenly you could feel your womb warming up and contracting as you felt your climax coming and it was causing Jimin to climax. You both come together. You kiss deeply after making love. He was so happy and so were you. You both get out of red and you see the red stains on the sheets. Jimin noticed them too. "This was the day you bleed for me so I will never have a problem to do the same for you baby." He kisses you. "What does that mean Jimin?" You ask. "We belong to each other. We are one now. You gave yourself to me so I will do the same as promising to protect you always. Our love is bulletproof." He says. You giggle. He was so cute now. It was funny how he can go from sexy wolf to cute puppy in seconds.You both go and shower together before changing the sheets.
The next morning you woke up in Jimin's arms. He looked super cute. You could get used to this life. You would die to wake up in his arms every morning. Jimin felt you move and he quickly woke up. "Good morning beautiful." He kisses you deeply. Suddenly your stomach growls and so does his. You both laugh. Your phone rings and Jimin hands it to you. "Take it I will try to make us breakfast." He walks out. You answer the phone. It was an anonymous user. When the other line picked up all you could hear was heavy breathing on the phone. "Hello...who the hell is this?" You say. "Pay what you owe bitch!" The deep voice said then they hung up. You were super confused. I will not let this fool ruin my time with Jimin. You toss your phone into the bed and decide to check.on Jimin hoping he wasn't burning down the place. He was happily cooking some Korean pancakes. It smelled super good. You were surprised at how quickly he got things cooking. "Baby how did you get cooking so quickly." You ask while wrapping g your arms around him. "Ah well you know I'm good at flicking the wrist. But besides that Jin left a note and this mixture already to cook." Jimin says. "Ah Jin is so thoughtful. We owe him one." You say and then kiss Jimin again. You walk out to get the mail. Then when walking back into your apartment you almost trip in some strange box at your door. You look around to see if anyone was around. It was odd that this box randomly popped up after you got your mail. You close the door and walk into your office room across the hallway from your bedroom. You lock the door. You sit the box wrapped in fancy red wrapping on your office desk and bit your lip. What the fuck is this? Why is there no name on it. You take a deep breath and slowly unwrap the box. Your eyes widen when you see.........

Lol jajajaja Until Next Time Peeps!

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Ive been waiting then you end it like that you are so mean
Noooooooooooo!!! AAARRGGGH tag me please
The devil. You are the damned devil!! this was fun though!
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