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Evergreen: my, my.. Why is the lovely Lisanna all by herself drinking here? Lisanna: Evergreen-San!! Evergreen: hi ☺️
E: So you and Bickslow are actually a thing now? L: ah.. Yeah. Guess we can say that ☺️ E: So your brother and me were just a cover? Hm 😏 L: n-no 😳 E: haha! I was just kidding, little one! Congrats to the both of you! Though I do have to ask, when will the invitations be sent out? L: stop! We're still dating! Plus, I'm still too young for that! E: I'm happy for Bickslow. He seems really happy lately. L: nah. It's his nature to be happy 😊 E: You certainly are his girlfriend, Lisa. But I've been his teammate for a long time. And by that, I can tell you he's enjoying life much more than before... definitely more than back then.
E: He wasn't a very cheerful person when we first met. In fact, he was quiet. He was also the last member to join the raijinshuu. I think you can relate. None of us in the raijinshuu had a great childhood. Because of this our magic was believed to be a curse. But Bickslow.. well, he suffered a lot more. Later when we all got closer, he eventually opened up to us and told us his story. He only told it once, but I will never forget. He used to live in a circus. Happily surrounded by orphaned kids who thought of him as a big brother. It was happiness. Doing something he loved and being surrounded by a family and all that.
E: But life takes away what you love. A fatal incident took his only family away..
E: It granted him magic in return. A kind of magic that he never wished to possess. Stranger 1: "M-MONSTER!!" Stranger 2: "W-WHAT IS THAT!?" E: The children's memories decided to stay to become his allies. Their souls insisted to stay, but Bickslow couldn't let that happen. Rumors have said that he steals souls or something, but that isn't the case. Of all people, Bickslow is a person who values them the most.. W-WHA?
E: LISANNA?? Hey! Are you ok?..shh.. Don't cry! L: I'm sorry Evergreen-San.. It's just.. I know too little about Bickslow. I-I didn't know any of that.. He was so lonely E: He just didn't want to worry you, Lisa! He didn't tell anyone but the raijinshuu! Bickslow: Hey Lisa! I'm back! Miss me yet? 😏
B: WHOAH! WHAT THE HELL?? W-WHY ARE YOU CRYING?? N-NO! WHO MADE YOU CRY!? Tell me who di-- ehh? Hey, Lisa.. Whats wrong? Just tell me.. L: Im fine Bickslow. Hey Bickslow? B: yeah? L: I wont leave you alone. B: ..what?
L: Ill be your family. Art done by Blanania
I didnt copy every bubble word for word. I changed some of the wording so it could make a little more sense. Enjoy!
If you do the mini fan fiction plz tag me I would love to read it 😊
I would love for them to be together now they are cute for each other
@YessicaCardenas I'm trying to add a few of them! So far it's just been Lisanna, Bixlow and Cana. I'm going to try to add some raijinshuu in some flashbacks and some other characters at the end :)
@YessicaCardenas of course! I should be done in the next couple days :)
Omg!!!! yaaasss! 😍😍😍 I'll totally help too if you need idea help or anything like that @LCordz
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