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It has taken me a bit to update since I have been dealing with a lot of things. As I stated in the previous card, it's loosely based on four different Fairy Tales. In case you missed the first chapter, I'll leave it: {Chapter 1 Trials: Here ♡}

It's a mix of genres:

Angsty, Comedy & Romance

☆☆ A New Ballgame ☆☆

"You can't shut us down for nothing! You started this whole mess! You just can't treat people like crap." Kristine, Arisa, and Jojo shouted in unison. "Fine," Aimee pulled out her phone, "You want a new suit. Okay. You care to throw in some money, girls, to get HIS suit." The girls looked at Aimee strangely as to why was she giving in so easily. After all that screaming and yelling just moments before, this completely threw them off. Never has Aimee backed down from something she felt so strongly about. Scoffing the girls laid about twenty bucks on the counter. "Fine stay here. Where do I find your suit and how much do I need to pay?" Smiling, the Beast grinned. "Three Thousand dollars, and you can pick it up at Sacs and Fifth Avenue." Smiling, Aimee collected the money off the counter and walked out the door. Before Aimee got too far, Jojo ran after her. "Oni! Wait, I'll go with you. Why did you give in? You laid your foot down." "Baby. Just c'mon, everything will make sense soon." "BUT we're getting him a new suit? How does that make sense." "Trust me babey." They pulled off leaving the Café behind. Shortly after, they found the Sacs and Fifth Avenue store. Walking into the place, Jojo felt defeated. This certainly wasn't her idea of a sweet victory. It seemed more as if they were throwing the white flag into the wind. Nothing seemed to make sense; she even started questioning Aimee's mental capacity at this time. If they ever break away from this, the first plan Jojo had was to get Aimee seen too. "Why excuse me miss, but can we have an extra bag? We were in here a while ago before we went to work and one of the presents was for my darling husband. I need to separate them." The lady smiled at Jojo and Aimee, as she handed her a box and an extra bag. Jojo had the look of Confusion spread across her face. Aimee started beaming like a display set on Christmas. Climbing into the car, Jojo was stricken with even more confusion. "Oni, isn't that the place we need to get his suit." "NOPE. Just wait." Finally, they arrived at 'Bozo's Costume Shop'. Immediately, Jojo started laughing as she collapsed on the ground. Her cackles were heard from miles it seemed. Anyone who was in earshot, stopped to stare at the girls who found humor in the unknown source. "Shhhhh Jojo, focus! We need a suit." She bit back laughter as she helped her sister off the concrete. Roaming around the store, they finally found the perfect suit for the unpleasant customer. A full size, complete clown suit; red nose included. Heading to the cash register, they paid for the outfit. When they returned to their car, Jojo opened the back of Aimee's Landrover to begin folding the suit and placing it inside the box. Chuckling the whole time, the girls were quite amused with themselves. "This should be perfect. I have a feeling we'll be on the fast track to the unemployment line, but oh my goodness I'd be lying if I said this wasn't worth every bit of that." After a few short minutes they arrived at the Café, "Let's give him his suit." Walking in, everyone stopped to stare at the pair. So many thoughts were running through Aimee's mind, but she kept her head straight, and chin up. "Oh I see miss klutz has arrived with my suit none the less. Good girl, now hand it over." "Sure thing," A devious smile filled the corners of Aimee's mouth, "I hope it's the right size." The bystanders noticed the immense change in her whole demeanour. What used to be a sweet quiet girl, turned into a devious minx, when she was provoked. This guy had finally found his match, and didn't even realize this just yet; it was only a matter of time though. Jojo and Aimee were anticipating the hollering and anger that would come as the result of him opening the box. Aimee moved Jojo behind her; to prevent Jojo from any dish throwing that was about to happen. What looked like a normal box with a suit inside, was the start of an odd relationship. Feeling as if he won, he slowly unraveled the box. To his surprise, it wasn't what he had expected; not at all. . . . .

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