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My mom said that God already has someone for me that I will meet in the future. I don't know if that is just a cliche. Maybe she just wanted to comfort me. But if there is someone, is he really worth it? Is he really worth all the things I've been through to find him? A failed marriage, an ex-boyfriend who fell out of love... I had enough. I know God is good. I know He sees me. Probably He is telling me to "Hang on, trust me." But I just want to tell Him, "Lord, please stop. I'm breaking apart." I'm already 27. At this age, I want to settle down and be with someone to be my partner in life. But not just anyone. He has to be faithful. He has to be patient. He has to continuously assure me that he loves me everyday. He has to bear with my dramas. He has to hug me each night so I can sleep. And most importantly, He has to love my daughter as his own. My last break up is the hardest. I really chose well and he ended up falling out of love. He was everything I wanted. I did everything too. But he said he got tired because I always doubt his faithfulness. One day, he just told me he doesn't love me anymore. I felt so sad. For a year of being together, I prayed for us everyday. I still can't believe he is gone, that he's meeting other girls better than me. So if God really has someone for me, are you worth the pain I'm going through? I hope you are.
Maybe you're trying TOO hard. The word to watch and listen to here is TOO! Take a step back and contemplate.
yes. the first days are always the hardest. i'll be okay. just trying to vent out for now.
I know the struggle. I'm feeling your pain. I am super cautious now but trying to be open