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Please forgive me
Seriously Rain and Key in the same video mix talk about hot hot hot!!! I just can't...
Seriously how can this man be sexy and cute all at the same time??? ahhh he's killing me
OOH that lucky girl!!!! I know it's a musical but ugh come on how many of you want to be that close to your bias or UB????? yeah in our dreams!!!!
SO this is my KEY spam card, because well I needed some Key today!!! and he's my UB so if you love Key as much as I do...Your welcome!!! :) :) :)
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@SimplyAwkward OMG I know right!!!! I have one more card I'm doing I'll post in a minute and I can barely survive this
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key is honestly trying to pass my taemin bias rn like he is my bias wreaker in shinee like why does he gotta be so cute like really soo cuteeee
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Too much perfection... My bias in SHINee... Blessed my eyeballs <3 <3
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Key is just too gorgeous!
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