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This is the original picture that my daehyunnie uploaded a few days ago.. Yes he looks gorgeous, I know. Most definitely. But some stupid and immature netizens kept on criticizing his beautiful skin color. And calling him ugly. So he uploaded this next one.
What I'm trying to say is that my daehyunnie is perfect the way he is. His natural born skin tone is beautiful. He doesn't have to change anything at all. As you can see from both selcas. He's beautiful either way.!
Now to another rant. Once again netizens are targeting my other baby. Himchannie. And even those who say that they're in 'our' fandom are being horribly rude to him saying he needs to lose weight. First of all. He's perfect the way he is. And how dare y'all make him feel like he's not good enough for y'all. Himchannie yes he is sassy. And he's very handsome. *and he knows it. ;) he's said it himself. But that doesn't give you the right to tell someone they need to lose weight. Because for a fact he's very sensitive about his weight. He's starved himself before. If he wants to lose weight it's up to him. And himself only. He makes that decision. Not y'all.
And my final rant.! Who in the hell gave y'all the right to criticize Youngjae on his hair color. No one invented that color, that color exist because it exists, not only one person can wear this color. He hasn't changed his hair color in almost 4 years. He always has brown or black hair. He's trying something new. And let me say he looks sexy.!! He's not trying to be like no one. And second of all. My Youngjae is very fucking talented.!!! He has a beautiful voice.!! He sounds like an angel.!! He can wear whatever fucking hair color he wants.!! It's a free gotdam world. No one owns the fucking color.!! I swear fucking immature fans are literally childish. Trying to start fanwars.! Just to let you know my Fandom, we Babyz, we're peaceful but don't mess with out babies. We protect them and shower them with love. We don't need to start wars just to give them attention.! Grow up immature fans.
Sorry for cussing y'all. :/
I haven't been here in so long. And I'm sorry this is what I come back to vingle to do. But I just needed to let this all out. My babies are getting to much hate because of stupid immature fans. Being criticized for their weight. Their skin color. And their hair color. Calling them ugly. Really now. Thats just stupid. And those freaking comments that netizens do and other fandoms fans do has led to my himchannie trying to lose weight. My daehyunnie to wear mask and edit his pictures. And my Youngjae to delete his selca on Twitter.!


well now tell us how you really feel haha! I feel ya on all three. Every single idol has had to face ridiculous expectations from fans when in truth it should be up to them. Himchan is sexy Daehyun is stunning and Youngjae is Spectacular since debut!
OMG yes.!! I usually don't get mad easily but the last straw was when I read that someone said Youngjae doesn't have any talents... Really now.. @LunaCordero
that's right. us Babyz are a peaceful fandom but we will protect our men like momma lion does with her Cubs. all our men are perfect and beautiful as they are and we will stand by there side protecting our men
u. know what I love our idols just the way they r there is anything wrong with their hair color body type or skin color if u r a true fan of any idol group then ur gonna love them regardless if u have the ball to put any of them down maybe u should not listen to their music Hi Chan is georgous the way he is Young man can wear whatever hair color he wants and Dahyun is perfect the way he is if you don't li!e BAP fine but we love them then keep ur opinions to ur self cuz you don't want to piss the Babyz. off
OMG yes.!! That's how every fan should be.!!! @DonnaSearles