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HISTORY!!!! MY GOD UGH they kill me really they do, they should be banned..not really because that would so suck.
Is it just me or is this whole group just full of sexy voices??? I mean come on, their deep, and highs are like um I'll get back to ya on that one...
Anyone notice a theme going on here??? UGH I'm in love with so many groups and their sexy and dark themes it's scary
From cute to SEXY in 1.2 seconds seriously maybe that's too long but DAMN PARK JIMIN!!! you wont leave me alone you dirty pervert
KIM TAEHYUNG!!! STOP IT just just keep that tongue to yourself you dirty boy!!! And those hip thrusts please your killing me seriously should a baby be moving like that????
JEON JUNGKOOK!!!! your a child a child stop being sexy!!!
MIN YOONGI!!! I'm dead, I'm just a ghost now it's over
JUNG HOSEOK!!! are you kidding me how can you not drool over this man!!!
KIM NAMJOON!!How can anyone say this man isn't sexy??? He's SEXY AS F*%& I mean come on, and EXO's monster!!!
KIM SEOK JIN!!!! those eyes, omg those beautiful sexy eyes!!!
Credit to the owners of these beautiful videos I mean yeah there amazing!!!
There's a reason why I can't pick a single bias in this group...all of them are sexy af!!!
oh god GOT7 please please spare me
Normally I don't like 80's rock songs, but damn this video makes me rethink that only because of VIXX
MY BABY!!!!! AHHH I Love this man, saved the best for last because well you all know why...sorry if this is crazy I'm kinda tipsy....but I'm better now goodnight
hehe I know right I barely survived making this card...and that's not all my favorite groups either...ugh the life of a fan girl...
this is awesome card. l just love all the videos ❤
NCT had been slaying my life recently, Jaehyun swerving that bias list!! WHY DO I PUT MYSELF IN THESE MASOCHISTIC SITUATIONS I shouldn't watch these videos but I love every minute of them😫😳
welp, I'll be attending at my funeral