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Such a cute Shoujou manga. And it's complete. It's about a country bumpkin girl named Ichinose Shima who loves drawing! She decided to pursue her love of drawing by attending a well known art school in Tokyo. She gets accepted and moves there. Upon arriving she notices this school is different. They don't wear uniforms like normal high schools. But that's because the school wants the students to be able to express their creativity. As she was wandering around campus she stumbles across a room with someone inside painting on a large canvas. His posture and brush stokes are so angry but she couldn't help but be drawn in. The name of the person she is so in awe of is Akatsuki Kaji. He's considered to be a genius painter. He is also a son of a famous painter too. Shima is attracted to him but he has such a bad personality! Read it for yourself! You'll like it. It's only 27 chapters!
it's a really good manga, I hate how vague the ending is.....I don't want to spoil anymore for those who didn't read it but.......let's just say it was good
thanks for sharing.i love the mangaka so its on my list.
@GigiChan right! I was wanting more than what they left us with. But oh well. It was still good