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DRUM ROLL PLEASE! @SabrinaDufresne!!
From the small conversations we have had, I know that she likes Nu'est, BigBang, Shinee, U-kiss, B.A.P, Block B, EXO, Super Junior, BTS, and a lot more! Get to know her for yourself and meet a new friend!
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WELCOME TO VINGLE!!! @SabrinaDufresne
a year ago·Reply
Welcome to vingle!!! @SabrinaDufresne
a year ago·Reply
Awww this is sweet! :3 Haii everyone!
a year ago·Reply
@SabrinaDufresne Ooh, welcome fellow Super Junior fan ^^ (as well as other bands fan ^^) I'm a mod for the Super Junior Community and we are happy to extend our welcome to you! We hope you can stop by :) Again, welcome to the Vingle Community!!! :D 🎉🎉🎉🎉
a year ago·Reply
Yay!!! Welcome:):):) @SabrinaDufresne
a year ago·Reply