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I'm sure all of you know him as the creator of Fairy Tail, but have you read any of his other works?
Monster soul! (2005-07) It's a short series. Only about 5 chapters. It's pretty neat! Reading this I definitely saw some things that reminded me of fairy tail (this one came out first) I can see where he got the idea of Elfman and his beast soul from. Also Taurus. (Plue appears in the first chapter) His ideas for the monsters in this was pretty neat too. Hiro has definitely come a long way from his first works (only 5 chapters)
Rave master! (1999-2005) Just started reading this! So I guess Fairy Tail isn't the first time we meet Plue lol. I still don't know why he's considered a dog! But this is the manga where he gets the title of a dog. Plue also plays a pretty big part in this manga! He's the gaurdian of the Rave stone! The rave stone is necessary to defeat the dark bring which is pretty much an evil stone. Can't really get too much into it because I'm still only in the first 15 chapters. There's 168 all together.
Fairy Tail Zero (2014-15) sorry but I actually haven't read this yet. I don't want to until the war is over!
Monster Hunter Orage (2008-09) haven't read this yet either. It's only 14 chapters. It revolves around a young Monster Hunter named Shiki, who became an apprentice to a Monster Hunter named Greylee. A few years after Greylee's death, because of a gunpowder incident, he returns to his master's residence, Akamaaya Town, to join the guild there. And to his surprise Greylee's daughter is a member of that guild!
Check em out if you want or don't. I recommend reading Rave Master while you wait for new fairytail chapters lol
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Fairy Tail Zero is really really good. Especially if you want more backstory on the First and on Zeref even.
@MissHitachiin At the point where they are in the FT manga It's kind of expected that you know their backstory. Since Zera is appearing again.
Yea I feel like you'd be confused seeing Zera if you hadn't read and/or watched Zero first. Lol. @AdamDean
@AdamDean I really like rave master so far! It's good! I wish the chapters were longer tho @MissHitachiin I know who Zera is just because I see some people on vingle post snipets on here about her and stuff. And I've read mavis' back story on wiki before cuz I was curious lol
@LCordz It gets longer if memory served... but it was a long time ago... that were different back then...