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Being single sucks... But being heartbroken sucks even more... I'm a fuck up and I'm going to have to deal with it I guess...
No problem, and I always kinda liked your bio line, I think in the same way. If I could stop someone from hurting by shouldering their pain I would, I've just been stabbed in the back too many times to know not to do it all the time.
Thanks for saying that and the thing I wrote on my bio was just a saying from an anime Iike I've been meaning to change it lol@SuperWolverBat
The problen I see with your description on your page is this, when you choose to put others in front of yourself and instead of hurting others become the one who gets hurt for them, you teach them that you always will be beneath them and that you are only second to them. Being single sucks, but it only truly hurts if you weren't whole by yourself. If you aren't whole when you get into a relationship, then when that relationship falls apart you still won't be whole and it'll hurt worse..I'm sorry you feel alone.