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Sorry I haven't posted in a while I've been really busy since it's summer I will try to post more often!! TT

*Maria's P.O.V* "That's it for today thank you for being a good class I hope it continues throughout the year" our teacher said after the last bell rang it was 2:35 pm now and next was tutorial from 2:40pm -3:30pm we were told it was optional the first 2 weeks of school so I was going to go home because since it was the first day no teachers handed out homework. I was on my way to my sisters car when I felt someone grab one of the straps to my back pack I turned around smiling expecting to see a familiar pink sweatshirt but it wasn't... OMO it's a stranger RUN!! I yelled in my head but my legs were frozen I looked down black pants, black shoes, I looked forward black shirt, this person is in all black and really tall.. what do they want? what should I do? who's gunna help me? for some reason I kept thinking 'Maria... don't make eye contact and Baekhyun will pass by and save you'... Baekhyun why did everything keep coming back to him?!? I felt myself getting lighter and the world began to spin "my head hurts" I said right before I fainted the last thing I heard was my name. *Chen's P.O.V* I was in my car already about to turn the corner to exit the school parking lot when I saw her, her hair was the cutest shade of brown it looked like honey and cinnamon mixed together ironically they were both sweet but who is she with...? why isn't she looking up...? does she even know him?!? for some reason my heart began to beat faster. *BEEP* the guy behind me began honking without realizing it is had started a long trail of traffic. I parked again and got down as I was walking towards her I noticed her looking pale even though it was freezing the color was gone from her face and then it happend... she fell... into his arms.... "!Maria!" I yelled as I ran to her. "Who are you? What did you do to her?" my heart began to pound why was she with him in the first place?!? I was about to punch him but Maria, she was still in his arms I reached to get her away from him and she was burning her forehead was so hot we were both worried as we looked up at each other "let's take her to the nurse" the mysterious guy suggested. "Okay grab her things and follow me" I ordered he did as he was told but by the way he stayed behind me and followed me exactly I could tell he was new too. 'He's a freshman like her... did they know each other?' we reached the nurses office and I layed her on the bed while he explained what happend to the schools nurse. "Okay, I understand... What's her name?" she asked as she sat at her computer to begin writing the report. "I-I don't know...." as soon as thoes words came out of his mouth both the nurse and I looked at him in shock. 'Who is this guy anyways?!?' I asked before yelling her name "Maria her name is Maria it's her first year here" the nurse typed some things quickly and got up to aid her.

**Once again sorry for taking so long to update but I didn't want to just wing it**

P.S: I'm working on a new story tell me if you guys have any suggestions on who the lead roll should be they can be from any Kpop group its not limited to just EXO ❤