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Heartbroken: Nisekoi Style
1st- I just found out Nisekoi & Bleach are ending soon. Nisekoi is ending this August. ( tears) 2nd- (Spoiler) Raku and Kosaki are over!!!!!!!!!!!! Raku chose Chitoge..... More tears!!!!! Rant: It isn't fair!!! I never saw this coming. Raku and Kosaki can't be over. They didn't have time to explore their love..... I still ship Raku x Kosaki I'm still hoping until the final chapter that he will change his mind and go back to Kosaki. My world is so conflicted. Tears keep falling down my face like:
See you at the Final Chapter T-T
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I'm so behind on nisekoi lol. But I already knew about raku and chitoge, but I had high hopes for him and onodera! Can't believe it's ending so soon! That's only a couple weeks away 😫
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I've always been stuck between Chitoge and Onodera...
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Ever since late Feburary I've been bracing myself for the possibility... but I'm still crying... like WTF Raku... why?!
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