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For @PrincessUnicorn sorry I'm late haha (I'll explain why in just a second >_<) and I hope you like them I wanted to give them a different theme from the other ones I did. if you like I can redo these into like the galaxy ones or something lol
For @AmberRelynn (I've had these done for a while so I hope you like them :))
Sorry if the photos kind of lack and everything. I went out of town for emergency reasons so I didn't get to work on them or any other edits a lot.... I will not post any edits for probably a week. I will try to work on as many as I can I promise and it will be a lot of edits (Hopefully) If so look forward to edits of: Mamamoo, Block B, Hotshot, etc. I'm hoping to do other groups ^^ Tags: @JackieG1617 @PrincessUnicorn @AmberRelynn
They're beautiful, thank you so much!!
@AmberRelynn You're welcome ^^ glad you like them
these are great as usual. I'll be waiting to see more so take your time.
woooo so very pretty! And it's totally fine, take your time! 😉