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SCOTUS Shouldn't be So Secret
As this article points out, the Justices often do not allow any recordings of their non-court speeches. Because media coverage of these events is often spotty, many important and interesting points get lost among the Court records. As this writer points out the Court needs to better explain itself, the law, and the justice system. He suggests a supreme court media pool that would follow the Justices, similar to the way the White House Press Corps follows the President. I think its a pretty good idea, but I bet the reason for the lack of Court coverage is financial. Its probably not profitable to follow nine Justices around.
this is an interesting article. I am reminded of a quote from Game of Thrones: "Power resides where men believe it resides." I think most people don't know the system well enough to realize how powerful the justices are, or how powerful their words are outside the courtroom, hence their lack of interest in what they say or do.
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Yeah man I think your point is the exact opposite of that quote
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lol proof by contradiction
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