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My least favorite Asian Drama

The drama that gets this honorable title is...

Hundred Years Inheritance.

I'm still mad thinking about it. This is a Korean weekend drama. I decided to watch it because Eugene was the main lead and this was her comeback project after King of Baking, Kim Tak-Goo. OKAY. I regretted watching 50 EPISODES (50 hours) of ....

1. The main lead having the same expression every time they get together. Drama. Drama. Drama every episode.

By episode 25, I told myself it will get better. The two will finally be together at peace. Okay, you don't actually get that until the last episode. Yes, it's one of those Korean dramas that drags..

2. The most self-center, horrible and annoying mother in law in Korean drama history.

Tell me if you of worst MIL characters. I am considered a very non-emotional and patient drama watcher. Her character almost made me want to jump into the screen and splash a glass of water at her.
She basically controls her son and tortures her EX-Daughter in Law. Yes, they're no longer related but she clings on to her like a fly. This was why it took Eugene forever to be with her prince charming. Also, before the divorce...she literally send her to a mental hospital and trapped her there for days. So CRUEL!
After this drama I am extra careful with choosing weekend dramas. I don't want another 50 hour wasted.
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@Mavis2478 Hana Yori Dango (Japanese version of the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers)!
@Mavis2478 Did you see my Day 2 card? I said in it why I liked it!
@biancadanica98 oh okay, I will look at it again
@biancadanica98 ah the Japanese version of Boys Over Flowers