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He looks good on these clothes but Minoz want to see his skin more! HAHA I want to have one Eider jacket, it would feel that I am hugged by oppa Min Ho. :") haha <3
I love his face here... so gorgeously calm ^^*
Oppa looks more handsome in these FW ads than in his SS ads. I love his hair style ! And he has been working out so he looks more fit.
translated by Jominz: News from [SPORTSWORLD] French outdoor brand EIDER unveiled Actor Lee Min Ho as a spokesperson for the brand's 2013 FW Illustrated shoot. Lee Min Ho is expected to travel to New Zealand in mid August for filming TV ads. ---> I guess this means he won't shoot Heirs until late August !
@ameliasantos10 @krissilva75 I agree to both of you! :")
Fit so well.kinda like it. :-)