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Now that sarah drama is over its time to have a little bit of fun! now I was a bit rushed this morning in posting cause I wanted to get it out. so it may be a little choppy at places. also spoiler I did not do the plane ride, lol I've done a story in the past about a plane ride with different girls but very similar personalities. of you want to check how it would go down you can check out 'fly me away!' (yea self promotion snuck that in there lol)
"It looks like they made up" jenni said to Namjoon after she pulled him out of the room. "Which is why I forgive the kid for not contacting anyone" namjoon said. "But really we have to pack and get ready to go out of town" namjoon sighed sitting on the couch. "To LA?" She asked "Before that we have a concert in japan" he said. "Ah, so what day are you leaving?" She asked. "In a day." He said. "What about you?" He asked. Thursday night" jenni laughed "Oh gosh we have to pack,  I've been so busy I haven't even thought about it" jenni added. They talked a little about flights and then Kookie finally emerged and the two of them left. Both Jenni and Sarah talked for a moment before they went to their rooms and started packing. Actually it didn't last long they stayed like that considering they were questioning each other what to bring. The next day Jenni and Sarah did the morning show and then were called into see boss man. He was waiting in his office with packages for them. They stared. "What is all this? " Jenni questioned "This is your tickets and information for the plane, I already told you your leaving Tonight but it got changed to tomorrow early morning, this package is all the information for kcon and a list of people to talk to " he explained. "Your going to have to get yourselves to LA  you can take a plane ride or drive down there" he added. "Road trip" Sarah grinned. " if you run into any problems you call me " he said sounding like a  worried father then a boss. " thank you appa! "They said in union. "Now 2 things that you need to take seriously " he got stern on them. "I know you have a connection with the boys from bts and I suspect there are relationships going on, I don't want you to let that be known, it would be bad for them as well as for both of you girls" he started. They both nodded, " your scedule overlapped with  theirs I noticed which is why I must caution you both, do not let people see you at the airport together let them be" that comment issued noises of protest from them. "Girls  I understand it's not what you like hearing but there needs to be a certain measure of security for you and them" he said "Fine we'll do our best" jenni said "is there something else?" She asked "Yes  you can go ahead and tell people that in a couple days you'll be at the Kcon in LA. I know you want to" he smiled. "Oh we do" jenni grinned changing her attitude really fast. "Okay is that all?" Sarah asked "Yes that's all. Now if I don't see you after the show have a good trip. And tell your brother that I have been taking good care of you girls and there's no need to worry that you haven't been watched out for but your leaving a very worried father behind " he smiled. He was too sweet to us. "We will, thank you Appa!" They said in union once more. The girls left his office and went downstairs to find that  the two boys in question were waiting for them. Grins were plastered on faces as they saw each other. "You know its nice that were dating guys who are friends with each other" jenni commented to sarah  "Yea except wheen you confide in your boyfriend about me he goes  to his friend" sarah said punching her playfully (hard) in the arm. "Yea sorry about that" jenni laughed. "What are you two laughing about?" Kooki asked when they approached "Nothing" jenni said. "What are you two doing here?" She asked. "Its the last chance we get to see each other before we leave for the concerts and you to Arizona" Namjoon said "Ah is it now" she laughed again. "Coffee?" Sarah asked "Do you want to go to the park?" Kooki asked her. "Why don't you two go to the park. Joonie can come with me back to the apartment so I can drop these papers off" jenni said holding up the large envelopes. "What are those for?" Namjoon asked. "Well boss man helped us out and booked our flights for us he's like our korean appa, always taking care of us and making sure we're okay. " jenni explained "Yea so we don't get in to much trouble  Sarah laughed. "Is it okay that we split up?" Sarah asked "Yea that's fine" namjoon said. Namjoon took Jenni back to the apartment as Kooki took Sarah to the park. With namjoon and jenni they talked about random movies until they got to the apartment. the topic switched over to what exactly was in the folders. he tried to grab them out of her hand but she kept them away, well for as long as she could. " Come on I'm going to fall over" jenni laughed as she backed up and almost hit the table. he got a devious look on his face before he picked her up by the waist and sat her down on the table, the proceeded to trap her in that spot. "now you won't get hurt. you going to show me what's in the other envelope? " he questioned. Jenni was giggling like crazy as he did this and after taking a deep breath she looked at him. oh no you have me trapped what are you going to do" she asked. he smirked then leaned in and kissed her, she expected it and kissed him back. what she did not expected was having the envelopes taking right out of her hands behind her back. they broke apart and that grin was right back in place. "got it" -he said the proceeded to open it. Kcon passes slipped out along with other information. he looked shocked. "I thought you were going to Arizona " he was confused. "well it kind of worked were boss asked us to do kcon while we were in the U.S. it's a couple hours in a car but not bad " jenni explained "and you weren't going to tell me? " he questioned "I was going to surprise you, but not anymore I guess" she said looking at him. "oh its a surprise alright. I won't say anything to the others then how's that?" he asked. "that works Thankies! " Jenni said wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him before hoping down from the table which put her dangerously close to him. he was getting that look on his face and her stomach did flips. with the envelope forgotten his arms circled her waist pulling her so they were pressed against each other. he leaned down and trailed a path with his lips to her neck. "I knew it! I told you they would be getting it on if we didn't come back" sarah called out standing in the doorway. "Sarah!" Jenni called out. Namjoon had buried his head in her neck laughing which sent a shiver down her spin and made her want to laugh too. "you couldn't stay away for another half hour?" Jenni asked. "Who knows what kind of things would happen then." she said. Kookie followed her inside. "ugh you are so mean to me" jenni whined. "Just getting you back.:" sarah chuckled " Joonie, we have to get going. Jimin called in a panic over something" he said after several minutes the boys left.
they got to the studio and started there show just in time. they played music for the most part until Jenni had something interesting to say. "Oh god, I just got this idea in my head" jenni said to sarah "Really what would that be?" She asked. "Well I was just thinking I want to enjoy life more, not let work be everything, so I want to try this challenge I have in my head. every day let's say over the next 2 weeks I have to do one thing I would not normally do" jenni said. " Ih geeze and you're starting this right before we are leaving to KCON?  Are you trying to tell me something here a ruby?" Sarah questioned. " yes I'm nervous as all get-out to go there I mean there's so many people I don't do well in crowd you know I don't do well in crowds I freak out so to overcome some of my fears I'm going to do things that I would not normally do and yes yes KCON is a huge reason" jenni said making her laugh. " okay then but what are some of the things that you have in mind that you're going to do over the next couple days?" Sarah asked. " well for one I'm going to be getting on a plane ride with you" jenni burst out laughing making sarah laugh. " Hey! you know it's not that bad we're going to have so much fun it's 14 hours of just me" sarah chuckled but made it sound evil "Diamond that is just plain scary why would you remind me" jenni fake whined. " okay okay so aside from that I'm taking it you're going to navigate us to the right terminal, that's your job, don't get us lost" sarah stated. " alright so I have my first challenge challenge it's more the first thing that I would not normally do I'm just going to say that because for some reason it flows out a little bit better then saying challengem granted it is kind of a mouthful to say" jenni laughed " so then just say WNND" sarah abbreviated for her. "  I can roll with that, it sounds a lot better than saying every single word okay. There's a bunch of things that I want to do but I never actually get to do and I'm thinking with our trip I'll be able to actually accomplish some of these things" jenni explained. " okay have to backtrack here for a second, why are you wanting to do this? I mean I know you've done it in the past but long time since you've challenged yourself to experience life. And I guess I'm just repeating the question again because I don't buy it's for KCON, well alone just that being the reason " she said. " the airport , the crowds of people, trying to overcome my fears but I'm realizing that I don't get out all that much aside from like with people I don't do anything on my own I want to do something on my own . . . and you can join me if your up for it" jenni burst out " there it is there it is Ruby you want to do something on your own because you you can't do anything and who are we kidding you don't do anything on your own because you get scared off by big objects" sarah yelled out in a big I knew it kind of way. " Why do you have to hurt me like that" jenni whined into the Mic. " okay okay I didn't mean to hurt you. I'll support you in this if you need help, well I'm not here to help, you can  do it all on your own" sarah told her making jenni smile "That's all I ask thank you diamond" jenni said making her chuckle. "I don't know what your thanking me for Ruby. Oh gosh I just realized if boss man heard you you'll hurt his feelings since he's been helping us out so much" Sarah pointed out.  " no he should feel proud of me because he's gotten us one step closer to doing all this and that leads me to wanting to be independent and try to  branch out. I want boss man to be proud of me" jenni spoke in a round about way. " so he laid out all the ground work for you to achieve independence? " sarah was now confused "Yes!" Jenni grinned then laughed. "You know what it makes sense in my head I don't know about outloud." " there is a little makes sense about you butt that's probably because you continually change your answers " sarah a used.  "I can't stick with one answer  I need many! Multiple choice is my best friend" jenni said. "Okay okay. Well if your going to do one crazy thing a day I think i'm going to have to record you doing it" sarah said. " you wouldn't dare" "Jenni narrowed her eyes. "Do you know how awesome that would be, okay okay in all seriousness if you going to be adventurous I'm going to be as well. So at the airport as you navigate I'm going to make sure we get through security! There we go! And Ruby I'm aware you are electronically incapable, you will have problems" sarah laughed, Jenni sighed "I can't even counter that. Alright fine  that'll be your job" jenni said. "Good, alright well we have to wrap the show up now but we will see you-" Sarah cut her off "You will hear from us at LA KCON! " she  cut in fast covering for Jenni. "That was fun. So are you really sure you want to do go out of your shell ?" Sarah asked "We're going out of country I can be adventurous and you will be too!" Jenni smiled. After the show was over the two of them went out to grab food then went home to make sure everything was packed and ready to go. The next morning they got up early and went to the airport,  true to what they said on the show Jenni let Sarah do anything to do with computers  but she navigate where to go. Sadly they had an early morning flight  and the guys had an afternoon flight so weren't there at the same time.  After plane ride! Both Jenni and Sarah got off the plane several hours later and were so happy to be able to stretch. They had played a bunch of games and made up random scenarios of things that could happen. They got their bags and started to see if they could spot Jordan who was meeting them outside of baggage claim.  "Killer!" Jenni heard someone call out and turned to see her brother getting wacked in the head. Her brother had a habit for using that as a term of endearment. "Jay!" Jenni called out making her way to him.  "Hi Niki!" She said when she got closer. " How was your flight?" She asked after hugs went around the group. "It was long but we got through it" Jenni said as they started to walk out of the airport. "how is everything going in Seoul? " Jordan asked. "Really good! OH and our boss is the most amazing, he helped us get our plane tickets he's our appa, oh sorry he's like our papa out there " sarah said. "Daddy long legs " jenni corrected.m "He doesn't give us money for free Jenni, you  can't call him that " sarah said.    They talked about what had been going on in each others lives. When they got to the house everyone got out of the car and went inside. "I can't believe you two own  house now" jenni said. "Yup, bought and paid for and now we got a mortgage on our heads  " he didn't sound to thrilled about the last part which made her laugh. " Do you have a house?" Niki asked. "No, we actually live in an apartment building, it's on the 4th level so halfway up " jenni said. "Really?" Niki questioned. "Its a really nice place and afordable" sarah pitched in. "Can we drop our things off in a room?" Jenni asked. Jordan showed her to the spare rooms, they had  2 which meant the girls got their own rooms. After settling in they were hungry and decided to go grab PP changgs for lunch. "No sushi for Jenni! " sarah teased as they drove. "we'll  do sushi another day" Niki said making Jenni cheer.
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@SarahVanDorn no rush, I still need to get over the excitement of this chapter. Ugh, that thing with Namjoon and the envelope killed me and I'm dying so the chapters for Kcon, I will be dead, I'm upset but I can't wait for the fancams because it'll be amazing and....I CAN'T HOLD IN MY EXCITEMENT EVEN THOUGH I'M NOT THERE!!!!!
ok soooo now I get to cover day 1 of kcon??? well I'm not gonna do the full day just so you know lol