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do you like what you're seeing ???
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@Animaniafreak This is a comment about the statue, that really freaks me out! Is this the point were we got, nowadays? I see it as a metaphore that we are getting to the point quicker. Humans have always loved sex, it's always been a delicious and desirable sensation and we are wired to see it that way for reproductive success (survival of our species), but in the past few centuries the most influential societies have treated it as a naughty act or a very private thing not to be spoken of. Now we are honest about our true animalistic desires and just act openly and honestly about it. Here's a pic of my pussy, look how good it looks, please wreck it. It gets you where you truly want to go instantly. I don't mind it. "This is sadly the modern truth......."
@cees where did you get this comment? reads like a description on porn dvds lol. I'd say the comment reflects more on the commenter him/her self, prolly haven't got laid for sometime and therefore frustration showed in their comment....
@Animaniafreak got it on fb , that's were i got the picture from.....
Were saved. it doesn't look like an iPhone. we are progressing
@deadmen0205 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 that's hilariuos!!!! that's definately a pro!隆!