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sometimes I think about how much I love Got7... but then I wonder.... is my level of love as high as a Chinese fan status?...

so actually a fan in china payed for this tower to be colored and with the words... " Got7 will you marry me?" that's insane!! not because of the marriage thing lol that's not what's crazy here because obviously who doesn't want to get married with them.. but my thing is...the money that went into this is incredible!!!

this level of love ^^^^ I want it!

honestly these fans have outdone themselves in welcoming Got7 and made it such a wonderful experience for all fans... I admire the work they put into all of this and wonder how is it back home? I know a lot of vinglers went to see them in the concert, please I want to know!! Here in Korea I went to the fly concert and it's actually really cool because fans buy over 300 posters professionally made ( about a particular member) and they give it out till it eventually runs out ( you must show your ticket tho) but still that just amazes me.. oh I wrote too much lol
Apart from china loving Got7 overall, I know that a big part is because Hong Kong is Jackson's home town and obviously every one is crazy/proud about him there. The concert looked awesome!
I wonder how much it cost for that tower to be lit up like that. ... probably way more than my entire paycheck.
Whoever photoshopped that markson pic is the real mvp
that's sooo cool!!!
Oh wow, GOT7 has such a huge fan base in China like whoa! O.O
@Winx9119 same I live in Ohio it sucks because you know they won't come to your state
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