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Hello Everyone, it's Zi-Mon. Well, I have counted your votes and we have a winner! Thank you all for voting and I hope you enjoy this Special card I made for all of you. I'm sorry that this card will not have Gifs this week, I had to make this on my iPad and my laptop is not working. Sadly, Gifs don't work on my Apple Devices, so Hopefully Next week, we can go back to having Gifs again.

Facts about Jaehyo:

Full Name: Ahn Jae Hyo Position: SubVocal, Visual Birthday: December 23, 1990 Birthplace: Busan, South Korea Height: 182 cm (60) Weight: 60 kg (132.3 lbs) Blood Type: A Education: Seoul Art College (Music Application Major) [Withdrew] Hobbies: Baseball, Basketball Fun Facts: •He is VERY confident about his looks. •Says his favorite singer is Wheesung because the level of emotions and his lyrics touch me whenever Im going through tough times. •Has a tattoo on his arm. •Is close friends with Joon from MBLAQ. •He recommended Joon to MBLAQ. •He recommended to BEAST/B2STs JunHyung to Cube Entertainment. •He often wears a Pickachu costume. •According to the other members he showers the fastest. •He really likes A Pink. •Is an extrainee of Cube Entertainment. •There are rumors that he almost debuted with BEAST/B2ST, but he says that those rumors are a little exaggerated. •He likes to play at Shincheon, Kangnam, and Apgujung at 1:00AM.
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He's pretty attractive!!!! What group is he in?