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Some fans are being horribly rude to daehyunnie again because of the V+ Live. Yes he's said that we don't have to pay for the V app. But that's the regular vring u. We don't have to pay to watch him every time he goes live. It's not his fault it's the companies. I don't know they blame him. Like really. He did no wrong. And anyway we should have to pay to see the concert. Umm it's only fair for us to pay. Korean fans have to pay to go to the concert. So we also should pay to watch the concert. It wouldn't be fair to the Korean fans if we watch it free and they have to pay. And it wouldn't be good for BAP either. Imagine if they showes the concert for free. That means no one would buy tickets and go. That would be bad for our babies. Then they wouldn't get paid. And they've already been through not getting paid for three years. That's why they went on a hiatus. Either way keep on cheering for our boys. Don't ever give on them. They're trying their best to please us. And they're doing really good. But it's horrible that they're letting their health no be one of their top priorities. They haven't rested.!!!