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Baekhyun about his Diet
awww......poor baby, I hope you eat to your hearts content in the future and not worry about your abs. Your abs are FINE ma boy, we'll love you no matter what, with or without nutella.
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I would have broke the diet once I started chewing the food to "remember how it taste."
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Baekhyun, please be a healthy and strong man! I don't want you to gain unnecessary weight! Keep eating healthy and working out! It's better than eating junk food all day! Byun Baekhyun, fighting!
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They grinded on canes we're past the point of "there might be kids here" stage
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To be honest, I just want him to be happy! I mean who would like him whatever he looks like? *raises hand*
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Awww please be healthy Baeki i love you ❤😍😚
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