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My New Wallpaper
Since @Aimebolanos and @BlackoutZJ posted their teams, I wanted to do a Fairy Tail edit of mine.
Here's the edit if you want it as your lockscreen//homescreen. Also if you want me to do other Fairy Tail edits I'm taking requests. (I was going to do Natsu for Team Valor and Laxus for Team Instinct) If you want one tell me : • What character you want - FT - • What team your on • What do you want in the background • You can include a Pokèmon Character(s) but it's optional.
So it would look something like this. I should have made the Team Sign bigger. (⌒-⌒; )
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Wendy marvell with Altaria team valor with a stormy background
a year ago·Reply
Hot!!! 😱😱😱
a year ago·Reply
Mystic and someone of your choice plz!!!!!😃😃
a year ago·Reply
@watermage can you make me a Lucy Heartfilia one with a jolteon team Instinct
a year ago·Reply
a new still with Wendy and Altaria with a blue sky with wind
a year ago·Reply