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DAY 39 - Favorite music in an anime?

All the Fairy Tail Opening and Ending songs!


Ever since the 1st season of Fairy Tail, I have always been in love with the Openings and Endings from this anime specifically. When you hear an opening or ending song from this anime you know it's from Fairy Tail. There isn't a song that I dislike from this anime and that's what makes it so much more enjoyable to watch. I love that each new opening gives hints as to what will happen in that season and show new characters. Each song is unique and gets "YOU FIRED UP!" to watch some action. I will include 5 of my favorite opening/ending songs above. 1. "Masayume Chasing" OP 15 2. "Be As One" END 6 3. "Strike Back" OP 16 4. "Down Let Me Down" END 18 5. "Snow Fairy" OP 1


1. "Unravel" OP 1 from "Tokyo Ghoul" (Favorite opening song and the acoustic version is even better!) 2. "Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru" OP 1 from "Ao Haru Ride" (I love all of the songs from this anime and this is my 2nd favorite anime OP) 3. "Secret Base" END 1 from "Anohana" (I adore this ending song so much, I tear up every time I hear it) 4. "Fukai Mori" END 2 from "Inuyasha" (This is my favorite song from Inuyasha along with Ai No Uta) 5. "Soufuu" OP 2 from "Kimi Ni Todoke" (This is a bubbly and fun song like most of the songs from this anime) 6. "Yura Yura" OP 9 from "Naruto" (Naruto has some great openings as well but for some reason this is my favorite one) 7. "Papermoon" OP 2 from "Soul Eater" (I love this Opening so much and the 1st ending song) 8. "Scarlet" OP 1 from "Karin" (This opening song is so fun to listen to just like it is fun to watch the anime) That's it for my honorable mentions. I will go on for days if I don't stop myself now!

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what's YOUR favorite music in an anime!

lol I love many anime songs like from kill la kill, naruto, fairy tail, twgok, a certain scientific railgun/magical index, mdoka magica, and many others
@biancadanica98 Thanks I can't stop listening to it (≧∇≦)
@mauriciorobles That's an awesome version! 💜
Requiem from Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
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