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↝BTS↜Judgment Time!!
Only check this card if you want to be "judged"...I mean to be the judge!!!! Please pick the "best" one without any "dirty" thoughts!!!
First contestant Jimin!!!!!
Let's check out his.......
Leather pant... and shirt!!!
2nd Contestant Suga!!!! I think he is not ready yet..
Nevermind... he is ready!!!!
Jin: Huh??...still eatting.
RapMon??....you just going to watch them???
JHope???...No... you are not going to join??
Kookie... I know you won't let me down right???
Ore 3rd Contestant Kookie!!!! please ladies no "dirty" thoughts!!!
Our last contestant V!!!!
OMG!!!....I didn't think anything!!!! I didn't!!!
I know V... u were trying to show us the ""V"" Please vote for the best ""V"" shape!!!
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Suga haha way too.....in your face hahahaXD
a year ago·Reply
Jiminie for the win!!! 😍😍😍
a year ago·Reply
Wow seems the votes is more for Jimin (more like you want to see more)& Suga<---(I know , I know...like in your face)...
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply
how can i not think like that... esp with these gifs and pics...
a year ago·Reply