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Was just playing around this morning xD But I can make more for people! I just need your Pokémon Go name and your team ^-^ @BlackoutZJ @AimeBolanos @LeslyBolanos
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@KayKaHunter1 @CurtisRicheyJr I will do these later 😄
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Mine is SpottyGeek and I'm Valor. If you have time I would love to get one. If you don't or are done doing this that's okay :)
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Mine is Anthoyfur91 team Valor but if you're not making them anymore then that's okay.
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THE POKE BOT IS FINALLY AVAILABLE FOR FREE GUYS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBb2WqnlvJI (Youtube Tutorial + free download link) ^ TAKE IT WHILE YOU CAN! Here’s what this bot does: •Updates every 2 days •GPS Location configuration •Searches for Pokestops and finds a route •Set your own walking speed •Set up fake Phone ID •Catches Pokemon Auto uses Razz Berry if the catch •percentage is low!) •Exchange Pokemon as per configuration •Auto transfer unwanted Pokemons •Power up Pokemons you like •Auto Evolve Pokemon you like •Limit the step to farm specific area for pokestops •Rudimentary IV Functionality filter •Adjust delay between Pokemon capture & Transfer as per configuration •Hatch eggs •Auto- Incubate eggs •Auto inventory cleaner •Set up proxy server
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