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Summary: I'm young, with a full life ahead of me... And seven famed idols as roomates. And a baby.
Genre: Comedy, Friendship
Rating: 16+ (some language and adult themes
~~~~~~ Chapter Six
Welcome back. Glad to have you here for this fine installment of whatever the hell kind of story I'm putting out. Cheers.
This might be a shot in the dark but, I bet you’re wondering what happened after I discovered my father was a hardcore ARMY, correct? You’ll love this one; after I bid farewell for the evening, I went back to the hotel and, unbeknownst to my father, invited the boys over to his place to meet him the following day.
“But is he alright?” More than you’d imagine, Jungkook.
“Yeah, he’s fine. Don’t worry. He would love to meet you all.” That was plainly under exaggerated.
I was internally cackling like a mad scientist who’d successfully underwent plans to take over the world. It was a big deal for me. Plus, I wanted my dad to be happy. He was reaching that integrity vs despair point of life, and I figured, why not? Besides, the boys were used to crazy fan girls, but I was sure even they would get a kick out of a crazy fan old man.
I wasn’t quite ready to go to my room yet, hunger consuming me in the late evening. Jin allowed me to snack on his delicious shrimp crackers, so I was set with hanging with the guys for a while. I crossed my feet, leaning back into the chair in the corner of the room, watching them debate playing Truth or Dare or Hide and Seek.
“I have a solution, guys!” Taehyung jumped between them, his signature box smile complimenting the twinkle in his eyes. Everyone quieted down and looked at him, some already displaying faces of disbelief. “How about we play spin the bottle!” A chorus of groans and protests filled the air, and I clapped a hand over my mouth to prevent any crackers from flying out.
“Fans already think we’re gay enough, Tae.” Jungkook stated with a pout, shaking his head in significant objection towards the idea. Taehyung looked between them, evident dismay clouding over his features. “I don’t know what you mean.. it’s just spinning a bottle...”
The room grew silent, aside from my fit of unending laughter. There were tears in my eyes, teetering on the edge of falling, and the guys suddenly picked up their previous bickering again, pushing V’s comment to the side as if they expected it all along.
After an intense round of kai—bai—bo, Jimin being the ultimate victor, the group sat on the carpet and created a deformed oval. “Rei, come join us.” Jin called out. I frowned and shook my head.
“I’d rather just watch, guys.”
“No way, you have to play,”
“Yeah come on!”
I stood up and chucked the empty cracker bag at Namjoon, who stuck his tongue out and laughed because, dammit, now I had to play.
“Well if I’m playing, we’re playing my way. To make this interesting.” I crossed the two-bed hotel room and made for a guest notepad that was left on the nightstand. With impeccable speed, I tore slivers of paper from the pad and collected them in a palm, grabbing a few pens from the drawer and then heading back to the horrible oval, sitting in between Yoongi and Tae. “We all write two truths, two dares. Got it? And keep it anonymous.”
Before they could share their concerns, I passed out the blank slips, a mischievous smile consuming my features. Oh this’ll be good.
It took a few minutes and a few fierce battles over who used the next pen, but when we were ready, I was already anticipating who would choose my dares. “Oh, and you guys HAVE to do the dares. Unless it is illegal. Or will cause permanent trauma.” I added.
The torn papers went into the empty shrimp cracker bag, and to make it easy, I volunteered to go first, my hopes for drawing a truth disintegrating when I snatched a poorly written ‘Smell the feet of the person next to you’.
“Oh jesus. Whoever wrote this will be haunted by my ghost.” I read the dare aloud, a series of “ohhs” and pity laughter coming from the guys. Hoseok had a suspicious half-smile on his face, hidden behind a hand, but I only chuckled and let it go. The person next to me... So either Yoongi or Tae.
Easy decision.
“Yoongi, feet out.”
“Wait, why not mine?”
“Tae, when did you last shower?”
“Oh. Nevermind.”
Suga had an embarrassed smile on his face, one that contradicted his traditional stony features. He grumbled a little bit, under his breath, and shifted so his sock-bearing feet were kicked out in front of him. The dare suddenly dawned on me, and I released an exasperated groan. “Ugh, forgive me for this.”
I bent forward, and gently pressed my nose against his curled toes. Everyone either laughed out loud or squealed in sympathy. I scrunched my face up, giving an audible inhale. Wow... it actually was...
I pulled back to gauge his reaction, and he met my eye as if he was gauging mine. “Not bad.” I found myself saying, and then we were all laughing.
About twenty minutes in, Yoongi told us about his first crush ever, Jin put a whole fist into his mouth, Tae happily wore his clothing inside out, Hobi did a sexy girl group dance, Jungkook stuck a handful of cottonballs into his mouth, and Namjoon confessed his most embarrassing moment—accidentally grabbing his teacher’s boob when he was fourteen.
Jimin reached into the crumby cracker bag and pulled out a slip, reading it silently before falling onto his back with a heavy groan of disbelief.
We all watched on in anticipation, my fingers clenching around the hem of my T-shirt, excitement bubbling within me. The dancer ran a hand over his forehead, then brought the slip up for Jungkook to view.
“Knock on the door across the hall and ask for soap... without wearing pants.” 'That’s one of mine!' I smiled shamelessly as the guys roared and Jimin hollered in protest. I kept my mouth shut, even as Jimin crossed his arms and demanded a re-pick. “What was this about not having to do it if it caused trauma??” Namjoon then got on to him and told him if he didn’t do it, they’d leave him at the airport.
We all crowded by the door to watch, Jimin asking for privacy so he could remove his jeans (even though we would still see him without them), and hid our giggles behind our hands as he tiptoed out into the empty hall.
He cautiously made for the door across, hesitation evident in his slow pace, and when he arrived, he threw a pouty-glare over his shoulder. Then, he knocked, so quietly, I was almost certain he’d have to do it again. But then the door swung open.
The woman was so old, she nearly resembled a sundried raisin. The boys and I snickered and hid further back into the doorway as Jimin gave a warm, flushed smile. “Oh, Eh-scuse me!”
I almost died, falling back into Yoongi and clapping a hand over my mouth. The woman sssllloowwllyy looked from his face to his barren, smooth legs. I could tell he was struggling not to scream, the back of his neck reddening to a tint that was almost dangerous. Okay, I sort of felt bad about it.
“Jimmy?” The woman suddenly croaked, her squinting almond eyes tracing his features as though she recognized him. “I wasn’t expecting you until breakfast, Jimmy.” Panic must have flooded him, and he shook his head rigorously.
“N-no! S... S-soap?”
“What’s that? You need soap, Jimmy?”
“Wait here son, I’ll bring you some soap.” Namjoon watched me bury my face into a nearby pillow, and it helped he also understood what she said so we could cry about the situation together. Jimin looked back to us like we’d give him assistance, that fool, and Namjoon just waved for him to stay there, taking my pillow and peering over it with just his eyes.
The crooked old lady staggered back with her cane, her oval glasses perched at the end of her nose. Well damn, she actually brought back a box of soap.
She held it out for him at an agonizingly-rickety pace. Jimin’s hand faltered, but Jungkook whispered for him to take the possession, and he did so without ease, just carefulness.
“Thank... you...” He bowed sharply after a brief pause, and hightailed around, lunging into the room and slamming the door behind him before any of us could collect ourselves from our fits of chaotic cackling.
“Whose was that?” He demanded, his appearance flustered as he searched for his forgone pants.
“No telling.” I voiced through my unsteady breathing. It took some time for all of us to calm down, and we rejoiced back in the middle of the room to continue.
“Let’s make this the last one; it’s getting a bit late.” I reached into the bag, drowsiness filling me. I fingered some of the torn edges for a few moments, then selected, at random, the smallest slip in there.
It was small, but the words on it had a whole lot going on, and my jaw slacked. I was immediately awake, eyes boring into the paper to hopefully ensure I’d read wrong. I hadn’t.
“Okay who is the actual gay one here?” I was bit angry, a bit flustered, and I almost threatened the lives of each of them, they who peered at me curiously, wondering if I had picked theirs. I was still in shock, shaking my head. Then, I read it out loud.
“Give a kiss on the lips to every person in the room.” My eyes were closed afterwards, so I couldn’t catch any reaction that would pinpoint who was responsible, but at the time, that didn’t matter to me.
When I opened my eyes, the guys were quieted, all of them. And they all had gazes transfixed on an empty space in the air, minds obviously reeling with vivid imagination.
“HEY.” I snapped, and they all jumped, startled.
“Well... I guess we’re lucky she picked that one.” Jin breathed out. They nodded in agreement, and I passed a hand over my face, giving in. I couldn’t back out... well perhaps it would cause trauma, definitely to someone, if not me. 'Maybe Jungkook... Ugh, but if Jimin had to do his, it wouldn’t be fair if I got out of mine'.
After thinking it over, I sighed, and then quirked a lip, moving to my knees in the middle of the oval. 'Well, not like I actually think of any of them that way... so it really shouldn’t cause any harm'.
I didn’t know who to start with. In my head, I decided with innie-minnie—ending up with Tae. He’s the first one.
“Should I close my eyes? Yeah, I really don’t want to see any of their faces when I do it.” The silence was unbearably awkward as I positioned myself before him, and I gritted my teeth.
“Shut up!”
“We aren’t even saying anything!”
“You’re being too quiet! Ugh, whatever!”
I quickly leant forward and pressed my lips against Taehyung’s, so fast it almost seemed like it didn’t happen, but the slight abnormal warmth on them when I pulled away told me otherwise.
I moved on to the next one right away, not even pausing to see his reaction, only hearing a deep squeal erupt from his throat. I shifted in the center of the oval and repeated the process, eyes only opening to ensure I was heading in the right direction, and BOOM, I had Hoseok’s lips. Actually, it wasn’t so bad. When I pulled away, he screamed and wheeled back. I continued, maintaining my composure. It seemed all the guys were anticipating it, but I pushed that thought to the side. I went that far, might as well have continued.
Jungkook came next, the poor little creature noticeably unnerved. I let a finger rest on his hand, a small gesture of reassurance, and did the same to him as I did to the others. 'Hm... definitely the softest thus far… GAH STOP THINKING'.
I mentally smacked myself, turning away from him before I saw what passed over his features, only hearing Taehyung release a chuckle from his spot. Jin’s were firmer, but Namjoon’s were the plumpest. 'I cannot believe I am actually rating them'. I figured I’d probably have nightmares because of this, but eh, at least the kissing was with attractive guys.
Jimin was antsy in his spot and I gave him a brief glance before doing anything. “You little shit,” I breathed out. It had to have been his dare. I pressed against his lips faster than the previous ones, and I was near tempted to bite them off, but I pulled away before my frustration caused bloodshed. Jimin screeched softly and began a fit of embarrassed giggles, hands going over his reddened cheeks as I shook my head and narrowed my eyes at him. Ah whatever.
Lastly, Yoongi. I expected him to be the least thrilled about it, and I did spare a moment to see if he was going to tell me it wasn’t necessary, but the look on his face was complicated, and he didn’t say anything.
I nodded at him with a tiny but reassuring smile, so he knew that I’d be quick, and he returned it with an obvious gulp. Then, I did it. I was kissing the lips of the laziest rapper in all of Bangtan. Probably all of Kpop, too.
I pulled away as soon almost as soon as the chaste smooch had been ensued, and stood up, clearing my throat. My heart was racing, despite my face displaying little more than my usual look of contempt. What felt like lasted an hour to get through all of them was actually only about fifteen seconds. “Well, good game, guys. Now you know what it’s like to kiss a pregnant lady. I’ll be off then, goodnight!”
I leapt over Hobi and was out the door in the next half-moment. Panting, my right eye twitched and I slapped a palm over my face, standing there a moment to collect myself. Then, wails of joy or despair or something sounded behind the closed door, also Taehyung mentioning he forgot how to breath, and I sighed.
I guess I couldn’t help smiling then. I knew once time passed, everyone would all think of it as some long-running inside joke. I was sure our relationships would all be the same; just good ol’ dandy friends like before.
'Yeah. It’ll be fine'.
I went to my room and thought about what was left to be done on the trip, falling asleep wondering how my dad would react if BTS surprised him on his doorstep.
Did I just...?
Yeah I did.
This chapter was only supposed to have a small bit of T or D, but that ended up BEING THE ENTIRE GOTTAMN CHAPTER.
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