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Hey Lovely People,
I'm back from out of town and back into Wi-Fi range (Thank God!). I just wanted to check to make sure everyone on the tag list wants to stay on the tag list or if I forgot anyone because I can sometimes miss people in the comments, so this is me making sure my tag list is up to date.
Oh, and if you happened to just stumble on this, here is my BTS Fanfictions. I have at least part 1 for all of the boys except for J-hope, Namjoon and Taehyung are out (being worked on), and part 2 for Jin and Jungkook. I would highly suggest reading the short INTRO (optional) first because it contains some important information for the stories.
Thanks for reading,
Luna Fergus
P.s. don't forget to comment if you want to be tagged, untagged or not. I'm doing all of the BTS members separately and if you want to be just tagged for certain ones let me know.
Here is the tag list that I have currently:
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you are now added to my tag list @kanatm
Please continue to tag me!
okay will do @AngelaDarkness
please tag me
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