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Lay Stans: GET YA MAN
Ok so I am a hardcore Kai Stan. He's my ultimate bias. But Lay is fighting to the bloody death to be my One and Only (pun馃槀)
Do you see all this disrespect?!!! I can't deal with him 馃槫
But this cutie does deserve more love. I love him, just stop trying to remove Kai please 馃槉
I'm sorry guys for not updating for long. I've been bombarded with school and EXO being strippers (which will probably be my next card馃槒) but I will try to update more. Sorry for the wait
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lol I'm trying to control him but he gets out of hand xD
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my love for this fluffy unicorn has sky rocketed
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He chose to break the chain from his wife and go shirtless xD
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Lay took first place when I first got into EXO because of him being so adorable and fierce in his dancing
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It's so hard to control Lay he just does whatever. I'm proud of my man but damn he tries to kill me with that body sometimes
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