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DAY 5 - Your favorite drama ending?

So, I just thought about how this question could mean two things either the ending song or the ending of a drama. But there are two other questions later on in this challenge that relate to an ending of a show. Therefore, I'm gonna keep with my flow of choosing my favorite ending song.


Lu Tian Xing (Aaron Yan) is a prodigy in Asia's advertising field. Rich, famous, and highly successful, he suddenly announces during a press conference that he will be taking a three-month break from the advertising life. With a simple disguise, he transforms himself into "Xiao Lu". Enter Tao Le Si (Tia Lee), a young woman who promised her late brother to protect his advertisement agency and his legacy. Unfortunately, business never picks up and Le Si had to battle with Tian Xing to stop her company from being sold. When Xiao Lu enters her office doors, Le Si initially thinks that he's Tian Xing, but the two men's personalities are complete opposites. Le Si finds herself drawn to Xiao Lu's warm temperament, but will their love last once she discovers the truth of his identity? "That's Not Me" by Aaron Yan is by far my favorite asian drama ending song. I love how it starts out as a lullaby and the build up and break down of the song is great to listen to. The melody is beautiful and I found a great MV. I think it's beautiful.


1. "Season of Rain" by Pets Tseng from "Moon River" is a slow and sad song that really makes me want to tear up. The beautiful piano that plays in the beginning of the song warms my heart but then makes me feel sad later on. 2. "Stand Up" by J-Min from "To The Beautiful You" is a song that I always looked forward to listening to at the end of each episode. It gets you pumped for more drama. The beats are great and her voice is killing it! 3. "Think of You First" by Weibird Wei from "Refresh Man" has a swaying melody that starts off slow and builds up to a beautiful breakdown. It's a soft song that makes you want swing your body back and forth.

I encourage all of you to play along by making your own cards or answer in the comments, what YOUR favorite drama ending is!

Fall In Love With Me was great. You can never lose with Aaron Yan. i prefer the look hr had as Xiao Lu with the soft hair, bangs/fringe, and glasses. He looked like the personality he was portraying, while the slacked back hair resembles the harsher personality.
I liked School 2015 Yoon Mi Rae I'll listen to whatever you have to say <3
Lovely selection as usual. Although, I do like "Fall in Love with Me" ending song but I really like ending video of Just You. :D @VIPforever123 Queen of OST. whatever she sings it's always an OST hit.
@TaraJenner It was great, I loved it! I liked his look as Xiao Lu too expect without glasses. His cute with glasses too but I prefer no glasses and his hair down.
@Mavis2478 Yes!! I really love Reset too!! Tiger JK's rap is really meaningful!!
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