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Que tal peeps!

This one is for the Kookie monsters as I call my ARMY peeps who has Jungkook as a bias, but anyone can play this game.



1. I will create a scenario and you will answer how you would react 2. Comment in the section area 3. Optional: You can make a small story response if you feeling creative. If so tag me! @amobigbang

PG 13

Besos and Blessings up!


It has been a hard 3 months without seeing your Jagiya. You have been missing Jungkook so badly, but you realize this is the price you have to pay with dating a Kpop idol. You were expecting him within 2 days but you heard there might be a delay due to the severe thunder storms. You were in your early morning class when he texted you about the possibility of delay and making it back to you later. Before packing up to leave class you almost burst into tears as you read your text from him stating there might be a delay. You decide to pick up some snacks to eat while you sit alone and watch a million anime shows and Kdramas for later that night. You walk to the convenience store that was across the street from your bus stop. You pick up some shrimp crackers, banana milk, melon milk, and other random junk food to enjoy later on. You hand the clerk some balled up money and tell her to keep the change. You needed to make sure to not miss your bus. It wasn't like you could call Jungkook to pick you up. You fall into deep thought as you wait for the bus to arrive. You were praying you passed your exam. Your mind was in so many places. You really need your Kookie fix. You were not just thinking about you all making love which was on the list but you missed seeing his face. You miss hearing his laugh and playing with his hair. You missed his smell and cooking for him. You missed those intimate deep conversations and random silly conversations you had with him. You miss napping together and playing video games together. You missed yall Kdrama nights. You missed that beautiful smile and playing hide an seek under the sheets. You hop on the bus. You decide to take the long route home. It was still morning so you had time to kill. At least being on the bus at you feel like you weren't alone. You check your phone to see Jungkook texted. Jagiya I'm sorry. I love you and hope you passed your exam. I know you did great! You smile. He was so sweet. You imagined kissing him and telling him about your day. But for now you had to communicate through this screen. You text him back. Jagiya I know it wasn't your fault blame mother nature lol. But I want you safe. You put your phone away as the bus arrives at your stop. You only had to walk a block away to get to your apartment. Well one perk about having a rich boyfriend is that he pays your rent. You push out a smile and greet your neighbors as you walk to your apartment door. You sigh as you unlock the door. You take off your shoes at the door after locking it. Then you sit your backpack on the floor and walk into the kitchen to put away your snacks. You were going to pig out tonight when the night came. Maybe you might invite your classmate Jessamine over. She's been dealing with missing Jimin she knows my pain. You pick put up your back pack and then pick up your phone to text Jessamine. You begin thinking. Maybe you might cook lunch later or should I study first? You walk into your bedroom with your eyes still on your phone and your mind wondering.

Before you hit send you look up and walk upon this...........



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I would drop my phone and tackle him in a big hug making us fall off the bed and I will smother him with kisses all over his face saying that "I missed you and I love you!"
my mouth would drop. I'd squeal id stand there for a second wondering if hed disappear until he laughed and said "Jagiya im home" and then id to loke a little happy dance woth more sqeuals then run and jump on the bed and try to nicely land on him. "Kookie!!!!! I can't believe your here!!" and of course kiss him like crazy.
What would I do? Well I'm a bit awkward so at first I'd probably just freeze and stare at him...Then after the initial shock of my Jagi being home I would tackle him and snuggle him and never let him go ^-^
I would be in so much shock that I'd drop my phone, start crying and I would run up to him hug him, kiss him and tell him how much I love him and how much I've missed him ^-^
For me, this can go one of two ways. I'd scream and drop to the floor clutching my chest trying to catch my breath before I have a panic attack. Then, if I don't have a panic attack, fuss at him for scaring me because he knows how jumpy I am while smiling and playfully hitting him as he keels over from laughing at me. However, on the chance that I do have a panic attack, sit down place my head between my knees and try to breathe slowly yada yada. Once in the clear, I'd be trying my best to console a freaking out Kookie while also trying not to trigger another panic attack, and hug him and tell him it's not his fault and how happy I am to see him. :)
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