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This is actually pretty hard too. But there's one drama that pops out on my list as my least favorite.
"Doctor Stranger" Yeah, I know. I love Lee Jong Suk with all my heart and, don't get me wrong, I still loved him in this drama. Plus, I have a soft spot for medical dramas. The problem is that the episodes had the same basic gist. Someone gets hurt and he fixes them. And there will always be that one dramatic portion where something momentarily goes wrong, but he ends up saving the day. The only time this doesn't happen is, maybe, in the first and second episode? Otherwise, it follows the same idea. So it got boring and I just gave up after a couple of episodes. Let me tell you that Lee Jong Suk's acting, however, was the light at the end of this tunnel. He managed to pull off his character so well despite the terrible script. Overall, I had such high expectations of this drama and it failed me. The plot had so much potential but they didn't take enough care in progressing it. So, I'm heavily disappointed by it.
@GamerKyumin lol. Now I'm really curious if this drama really disappoints its viewer. When it first air I heard people really liked it but I never followed up with the recaps or reviews.
@cindystran Haha, the future med student in me feeds on those scenes 😂 Yeah, Imma say it again...Lee Jong Suk saves this drama (>.<)
I haven't watch this one but again I don't watch much medical dramas because I can't handle surgery scenes! I would say though the cast here is mainly carried by the male leads. I watched one drama from played by the female lead and I didn't really see much emotions.
@cindystran Oh yeah, there was a lot of hype about it. That's why when it started to drag, everybody got a little disappointed :/ Don't get me wrong, the first few episodes are just gets boring after a while...