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I woke up for another day of training with BTS I am supposed to debut with them but I'm kinda worried I have a crush on someone in that group but he is with someone else and it makes me feel downstairs but I got up and got dressed
but because I'm just a little insecure I put a jacket on and I look at the clock ....I'm an hour late.......IM AN HOUR LATE FOR PRACTICE!!! so I hurriedly put on socks and my favorite shoes (sorry if they aren't) and ran all the way to to the PR and I busted through the door "where the hell were you" jimin said "i-im sorry I overslept somehow " "whatever let's start" the music played 'fire'and I got all the moves right and my favorite part when the beat change came on and I put my full heart in it and smiled as I got it all right I high fives everyone but jimin he looked at me but it wasn't like all the other times it was with passion but he can't he has a girlfriend and I sure he loves her even if she cheated on him and as if on cue she walks in "hey babe how are you" "good can I talk to you" after a while we heard screaming and crying and yelling we all get up alarmed then the door burst open and joy his girlfriend comes in and tried to tackle me but I too a few good fight classes and dogged her fast enough and she fell face first but she got up "it's your fault he doesn't love me" "what?" "he just broke up with me for you ugh!" and like that she was gone and jimin walked in and pulled me out "look rubi I'm so sorry for being mean to you it was just at them time I was slowly starting to fall for you and I had a girlfriend but now I want to embrace those feelings for you and ask for you to be mine" I smile at him and hugged him "Yes jimin I'll be yours "