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Who:Reader x Byun Baekhyun What: Semi Angst, Fluff. (Disclaimer: Now those of you that have read my longer stories know that there's usually always at least one or more sex scenes. I'm trying very hard not to put one in this one but I can not completely guarantee that will happen. That being said I will forewarn you if I have added a sex scene but for now I wanna keep it as fluff as possible.) Chapter 1 Story: You were happy with your idol boyfriend until the day came when your relationship became public and you started receiving harsh words and death threats from fans of his. Although you could careless what other people thought, Byun Baekhyun thought it would keep you safe to end the relationship. It's five years later and only one thing has changed....
Y/N's POV You were in the park sitting down watching the kids play. A little girl that acted too much like you but looked a lot like her father ran around on the jungle gym and tripped on her saddle. She was a tough little girl she simply sat there brushing her knee of, not crying a bit however you were quick to your feet. "Minhae, what did I tell you? You have to be careful." "Sorry eomma!" she yelled back with a gigantic smile. You couldn't help but laugh. No matter what you said to her she was always going to run around screaming at the top of her lungs. Grabbing bugs from the dirt or pretending to be in a rocket ship when she was just in a cardboard box. She was just going to be a child, she was going to be Minhae. She was turning five years old in two weeks and she was already so smart for her age. You were like her once, the rambunctious kid running around apologizing to your mother for being too adventurous when in reality you weren't sorry at all. Neither was Minhae you suspected. She was just back up on her feet running around happily. Her short black hair and the small bouncy ponytail at the top of her head flowed in the wind as she ran around. You sat down just sighing to yourself she was just going to be herself. As long as she wasn't hurt, you could support that. Two hands covered your eyes and a familiar voice from behind you said, "Guess who?" "That bitch from accounting." you joked. A small over exaggerated gasp came from behind you as the male voice said, "Y/N watch the language there are children around." You laughed and looked to the side once the hands moved from your face and the owner of the voice sat down. "Hi Jongdae." you said. "Hey, how are you?" "I'm good, it's been awhile since I've heard from you." you said. "Yeah the music business keeps you kind of busy. How's my favorite person in the world?" "She is fantastic, full of energy as always." "Are you tried yet?" You started fake crying as you said, "She just never stops. I swear sometimes I just wanna crush a sleeping pill in her juice somedays." Jongdae laughed next to you. "Being a single parent is tough but you've done so well with her you should be proud." You nodded. "I am, I can't imagine loving any one else more than I love her." You two watched her running around in the morning sun. You took the day off for her, she didn't have school so that was fine. You two could just lay back and relax. Except Minhae wasn't the type to just sit down and relax. She was just always moving. Even in her sleep you swore she was just dreaming about running or going on adventures, when she'd sleep in bed with you it was like she grew eight extra limbs. You had given up on trying to hold her while she slept. She caught sight of you and Jongdae looking and she ran over screaming, "Uncle Chen Chen." "Aish you keep letting her call me that." Jongdae said. You just laughed. He got up from his seat and knelt down with his arms open wide. She ran into them and wrapped her arms around his neck. "How is my little buddy?" he said. "Look!" she beamed. She held her hand up with a lady bug still crawling on her finger. You slumped a little in your seat. She was always catching hated bugs. Jongdae playfully said, "Wow a ladybug, you know if you make a wish on it it'll come true." "Really?" "Yeah, come on try it." he said. She squeezed her little eyes shut and the lady bug flew away. When she opened her eyes, she looked down at her hand where the lady bug was. Her eyes were wide open and she looked very confused. You and Jongdae couldn't help but laugh at the little face. Jongdae picked her up and sat her on his lap. Her back was to him and you two turned to each other. You held her hand and asked, "What did you wish for?" "Appa." she said excited. You chuckled nervously, you looked to Jongdae. He could see it in your eyes. She had questioned her father's whereabouts as soon as she was able to recognize she didn't have a father. Right around father's day, when kids and teachers talked about how they should appreciate their fathers and do something special for them. She knew right then she was missing something in her family. That broke your heart every moment she mentioned it. Baekhyun left you a few weeks before you found out you were pregnant. You were still partially upset at him for leaving you, him being an idol meant nothing to you, you only saw him. You only loved him but one too many death threats from crazy obsessed fans was enough to make him walk the other way. He said it was for the best, that it would keep you safe but it only broke your heart. You didn't decide to have Minhae for the sake of having something that was a part of him close. No this child was part of you too and you wanted to love her beyond anything in the world. With or without Baekhyun she was before anything else. Jongdae turned her around on his lap and she grabbed his face. She poked her lips out making a kissy face and he pecked her back. She laughed but you said, "Hey you're to young to be hitting on old men Minhae." Jongdae hugged her and said, "She just missed her uncle Jongdae." "Don't you mean her Uncle Chen Chen?" you teased him. "Don't encourage her." He begged You two laughed and you stood up, "Alright I'm in desperate need for some coffee so let's go Minhae. Do you wanna join us Uncle Chen Chen?" He put his hand to his heart as if you just shot him. He agreed to go with you though, you promised Minhae some bubble tea. You two made your way to the coffee shop and Jongdae told you what he wanted you to order for him while he went to the bathroom real quick. Minhae was reaching for things on the counter and there was a stuffed tiny kitten that she liked. You grabbed it and handed it to her while you ordered the drinks. You told the cashier that you gave her the kitten and she added it to the bill. You stepped over to wait for your drinks to be made, Minhae was just talking to her stuff kitten about nonsense. Only she would understand what the conversation was about, she started saying random words at one point. You just knelt down laughing, this child was too much. "Minhae what's the cats name?" you asked. "Sir scratchers!" she said. She was so enthusiastic about the name it made you laugh. You stood back up turning to see if Jongdae was coming out of the bathroom yet. A voice came from behind you, "Hey there stranger." You turned around and your eyes got big, you pulled Minhae behind you looking back at him. "Baekhyun." you said. "Mommy!" Minhae said behind you. "Hold on baby I need you to settle down for a moment okay." you said in slight panic. Baekhyun looked at the little girl, he bent over to wave at her; she smiled back and waved at him. She stuck her hand out to poke his nose and then his lip. She was observing his face intently and then she smiled big. It was almost as if she were blushing, she hid her face behind your leg. Baekhyun laughed as he straightened up and looked at you. "She's cute." he said. "Yes I know, thank you." said hoping he'd get the hint and say goodbye. "How've you been?" "Well." you answered shortly. It had been five years since you'd seen each other and although you thought you got rid of your feelings for Baekhyun you really just buried them in a shallow grave. You loved Minhae very much and she was the focus of your life right now. He seemed to want more than short answers from you though, "What's your daughter's name?" he asked. "Minhae." you said looking in the opposite direction. He looked at you like he was hurt He turned to look down at Minhae, "How old are you sweetie?" he asked. "Five!" she said holding up five fingers. "Wow five that's a big number!" he said equally as enthusiastic. "Minhae you're not five for another two weeks remember?" You corrected. She nodded and her attention was instantly back on the stuff cat. Baekhyun straightened up, "Five years old huh, she looks familiar don't you think?" "Shouldn't you be getting back to your friends?" "Y/N... Am I?" he asked You knew exactly what he was asking, was this his child? "Baekhyun please go away." you said. He went to grab your arm but when you backed up he looked away. Jongdae finally came back over he looked shocked when he saw Baekhyun. Baekhyun looked at him as if he were wondering what he was doing with you. "Ah Y/N did you get my coffee?" he asked "Yeah it's coming right up." "Great how much do I owe you?" he said. "Don't worry about it, it's on me." "Chen chen!" Minhae called. Jongdae looked at Baekhyun and then knelt down to Minhae. "What's up Minnie?" he said. "Mr. Scratchers wants a kiss." "Mr.Scratchers huh?" he said turning to look up at you. You gave him a small smile and shrugged, "She named it." you said. Jongdae looked back at Minhae and you looked back at Baekhyun. Baekhyun was looking at Jongdae and Minhae. He looked as if he was in awe but felt slightly betrayed that Jongdae knew about your daughter and he didn't. You knew he'd know she was his when they saw each other; they looked just alike. Minhae probably noticed it too which is why she poked at his face. She wouldn't call him dad or anything but she could probably just see the similarities. Jongdae gave the kitten a kiss and was back up by your side, he reached for his coffee at the counter and you took yours and the bubble tea and gave it to Minhae. "We have to go now. Goodbye Baekhyun." you said politely. You urged Minhae to walk with you but Baekhyun called out for you. You stopped to look back at him. He hesitated but then said, "I'm glad you're okay." You nodded, and walked out of the store with Jongdae. You couldn't explain why but you didn't want that to be the last thing he said to you. You expected more from him but it didn't change anything. He didn't want to be with you while he was an idol. He was still an idol. Besides you had Minhae.... Baekhyun's POV When he woke up this morning he definitely didn't image he'd run into her, five years had gone by and they hadn't seen each other since the night he'd left her. It hurt him to leave, he really didn't want to be without her but the fans were getting too crazy. The evil words on social media, the death threats it was crazy. She said it didn't matter but it did to him. He was always wondering if she would get hurt, or if the pressure would get to her and she'd finally leave. Why was she at the coffee shop with Jongdae and a child? Him and Jongdae met at work he wrote the songs that Baekhyun sang but they've also collaborated on somethings. He went under the stage name Chen. He never would've noticed them until Jongin pointed over to the child and said, "Hey that little girl looks like a female Baekhyun." "I'm pretty sure Baekhyun looks like a female Baekhyun." Another friend, Chanyeol, joked. Baekhyun would normally laugh but this time he got straight up and went over to her because he recognized her face. Y/N, the girl he loved for so long. Even now he loved her he just couldn't bring himself to say 'I want us to get back together'. As he looked at that little girl and she poked at his face, as she said she was five years old, five years since their break up, he knew. She was his and to top it off she had named her Minhae, the name both of them agreed if they ever had children one day that would be their daughter's name. Gi Hyun would be their son's name. She had a baby alone? Why didn't she just call him and tell him? He was an idol, that was why. He left to make it easier for her but somehow that still left her in a tight situation. Now she had a child, his child and Jongdae was very familiar with that child. Why didn't he ever say anything to him? He wouldn't even look him in the eye once he saw him standing there. He thought they were dating but she called him uncle Chen rather than appa. That was a semi good sign but Y/N was still mad at him. She wouldn't even confirm what he already knew, that Minhae was their baby girl. He had missed all the firsts: her first word, her first step, first day of school. She was an energetic child and she seemed shy when she met him but her stuffed kitten had distracted her from her shy behavior. Later, when he saw Jongdae at the studio, he pulled him into the booth so no one else could hear them. "Why didn't you tell me about the kid? How long have you known about her?" he asked. "Look I'm sorry I didn't say anything but it wasn't my place to tell you she asked me not to say anything anyway." "I'm not wrong though, that little girl is mine too right?" he asked. "She is but can you really blame her for not telling you? You broke up with her because you believed it was the right thing to do to keep her safe from your fans. Bringing a baby into that, did you really think she believed you would stay?" Jongdae explained "Well she should've at least told me, I think I deserve to know I have a child." "I know and I agree but she thought otherwise. It would've just been a burden for you. A young idol with a baby... She just thought this would be the best way, you wouldn't have any regrets and you both could move on." "I do regret it though, I have since I left her. I still love her I have only loved her. I just... I wanted her safe. Seeing her again, it just brings everything back." Baekhyun said taking a seat on the stole behind him. Jongdae sighed, "Look Baekhyun I think as her father you deserve the right to see your child but whatever you do please handle this delicately. If you're not planning on being there for her then just stay away from them." He was right and he knew it. Walking out on Y/N was one thing but to try and get back into her life, to try and be a dad and then back out of it was cruel. Y/N would hate him Minhae would learn to hate him. Everything just hurt so much because now he knew what he had lost and it was so much more than what he could've imagined. Y/N's POV Minhae had just finished washing up and was running around in the living room while you were cooking. The rest of the day had gone smoothly despite the little run in with Baekhyun. You still couldn't get it out of your mind. He dyed his hair too, probably for a music video or new promotions. You stopped listening to his music as much as you could. You didn't want to remember how good life used to be with him. When he held your hand and told you he loved you or when he'd sing to you and take you out to eat. All your promises to each other had been broken but you still loved him. You just couldn't focus on him anymore. There was a knock at the door that you hadn't heard at all. Minhae had come into the kitchen to tell you someone was there. You put the stove on low and walked out with Minhae following closely behind you. You cracked the door open and there on the front step was a big white fluffy bear. There was a card attached to its neck. "Huh? Did your Uncle Chen Chen drop off an early birthday present?" you said to Minhae. "It's so big! Can I keep it Eomma!" she yelled. "Sure baby." you said leaning down for the bear. "Y/N." You jumped, startled and stepped back when you saw Baekhyun move from the side of the door. "Hey, you're the coffee man!" Minhae screamed. Baekhyun smiled and waved at her but you turned her around handing her the bear and told her to go back inside. She listened waving goodbye to Baekhyun before turning around and going inside. You closed the door behind you and turned to him, "What are you doing here Baekhyun?" you said. "First sorry for scaring you I just didn't think you'd open the door if you knew it was me." "Well you're not wrong about that." You said crossing your arms. "Y/N please, she's my daughter too. You know she is, just let me see her." "I can't trust you not bailing on her when things get tough again. Your past history speaks for itself Baek, you're an idol and you probably still have psycho fans. How can I trust that they won't scare you off again?" "I know but I do want to be there for her.... and you. You just have let me. If I had known I wouldn't have ever let you do this alone." "It's good to know that a baby would've been your only excuse to stay." "Y/N that's not what I mean and you know it. I loved you enough to walk away. Sometimes that's the only thing you can do." "Then walk away Baekhyun." You stared back at him, his face showing pain. You really did just want to open the door and let him in but it wouldn't be that easy. If he walked away right now you would know, truly know that he wouldn't stick around for her. Baekhyun stood there unmoving, "Can you just say it? Say it so I can hear you." he said. "What, that she's your daughter? She is, you already know that." "Say that she's our daughter, look me in the eye and say she's our daughter." That was much harder for you to say, it was the truth no doubt but she had only ever been your daughter. Minhae had only ever been your life since you found out your were pregnant. You turned to go into the house, "Y/N please." He wrapped his arms around you from behind. His lips pressed to the back of your neck. The old habit of relaxing into his arms when he did that came back. He was warm, "Let me meet my daughter." he whispered. You sighed, "Do not let her know you are her father. I mean it Baekhyun I can't do that to her right now." "I understand." he said. He kissed your cheek lightly as if he were testing the waters to see how far he could go. On the cheek was enough, you opened the door to announce to Minhae, "Minhae we're having a guest for dinner so please behave."
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