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When I want to crop something and the picture has multiple faces so it asks me to click on one in order to begin cropping....
Am I the only one who would touch THIS face???

some nyongtory~ hope you enjoyed!

*credit to the owner*
NK threatens to fire wmds with emp capabilities at both us and sk because K.J.U was recently placed on the US sanctioned list, and are doing large scale war exercises with sk in hopes to defend from such an attack. KJU and the embassador to the us thinks its a preemptive act of hostility towards nk and considers it an act of war. they're threatening to retaliate if these exercises aren't cancelled. scary thing is NK has some big friends backing them up this time, advising us to cancel the training next month.... 😦😡😓
Well SK and the US are allies. NK has been "declaring war" on them for many years and have done nothing.
@JackieG1617 what I've heard was that they are just threatening the US and South Korea that they'll declare if they "cross the line". Idk the whole story but there was something my sister showed me on tumblr that they didn't actually declare war.
@JackieG1617 @MandyNoona omo I heard about it but my grandma and grampa was in the room so I didn't want to Run in there and scream OMO OPPA I HOPE THEY ARE ALL RIGHT!!
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