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I love this couple so much! Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf hooking up lol :) But i really think they're the cutest!
@miranpark88 same here.. right now me and my mom are having a tiff on the same.. my mum wants me to a pack a dress..while i insist on my jeans and t-shirt..why complicate life!!
@neaa im more of a comfort kinda gal than the pain is beauty person hahahahah i dont believe in thatttt
@miranpark88 @neaa it's so nice to see Blair Waldorf looking so relaxed and in simple clothes! and you got that right with those wedges! it's amazing that even wedges which are pretty high still feel comfortable :)
@miranpark are you a relative to professor xavier? man..that's totally me.. i havent ever worn stilletos.. even a little heels hurt'f either flats or shoes for me...and i also plan on buying some wedges soon!
@neaa omgggg you read my mind! im probably like the least heels person ever! i just like looking at them but not wearing themmm :3 i feel like i walk funny and the worse part is that IT HURTS! but the wedges are always a great solution! actually i feel like i might try wedges soon! :D
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