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Who: Reader x Huang Zitao What: Little bit of everything/ Fashion industry AU Chapter 10 Story: You were his and he sure as hell wasn't yours. You were just looking for comfort, a simple friend but it became far more than that when you discover the son of your boss is the mystery man you've been pouring your heart out to: Mr.Sandman.
Gi's POV Gi wasn't a fan of falling in love, she had been burned on that subject so many times that the idea of two people actually being in love was just another joke to her. She hated falling for men but she also didn't like being refused what she wanted. What she wanted was sex and more specifically she had wanted it from Chanyeol. She heard him one night almost a year ago lowly moaning the name of the girl he claimed to be in love with ,Y/N, and when she snuck a peek ,what better sight to see then him pleasuring himself, head back and eyes closed probably imaging her doing unspeakable things to his body. He wanted her, he wanted sex and so did she. So she took advantage of his needs, she urged him to let it happen, persistent as all hell till he caved under her touch. She licked him, bit him, scratched his back, kissed him she did everything she could to hook him onto her. So when he broke it off, when he said that he didn't want her anymore, that he never really wanted her in the first place she once again felt burned. He had no right to deny her and in her mind that was the crime of the century. She would've threatened to tell Y/N about their little meetings but no, the stupid shit had to go and confess to her that he had been cheating for nearly a year. A year! She decided to stay with this fucker after he cheated on her for a year. She didn't know who was dumber: Y/N for taking him back or him for believing that he could actually quit cold turkey. She was probably the insecure; the type of girl that thought she couldn't get a better man than him. She knew for sure she could get anyone better than Park Chanyeol. Still she continued to talk to the other dancers about how they were still screwing each other in hopes that Y/N's friends that worked there would hear about it and tell her. Sehun had been the one to encourage her on the phone that he was doing fine and that he hadn't stepped a foot near her even during practice which was true. This was all so annoying all she wanted to do was have sex and normally she'd just move on to the next guy but it annoyed her that Chanyeol had actually left her rather than her leaving him. Another man one upping her, leaving her, feelings or no feelings she wouldn't take it lying down. She was not going to let another woman beat her. She did not care that Chanyeol was with her first, that he loved her first. Love didn't exist, if he truly loved her he wouldn't have slept with Gi in the first place and that was all the reasoning she needed to want to destroy Y/N along side Ok. When Ok called her up, she was at first surprised and frankly didn't have a thing to say to her but when she said that she wanted Y/N to hurt she couldn't help but open her ears. Y/N was entertaining her boyfriend Zitao from what Ok said and she swore he was cheating on her with him. That made her laugh, the same girl that was cheated on was cheating on the cheater now that's true karma. Ok already knew how hard Chanyeol was trying to earn her trust back and only a month had gone by. They seemed to be getting better not worse which apparently was Ok's point. She wanted Y/N to feel a little safer around him she wanted her to start to gain a little more trust in him. She wanted her to love him, love him enough that when they brought her down she'd destroy her heart. She'd make her think twice before she ever stole another man from anyone again. Ok was manipulative but she was smart and she wanted Y/N to get hurt just as much as Gi did so she jumped on board. Slowly but surely she made her way back into Chanyeol's head, he'd gotten a bit drunk at a celebration party and she kissed him. He kissed her back thinking she was Y/N. She took a picture of them kissing and held onto it like Ok asked. Sehun had taken him home later that night but he hadn't seen them kiss. That was good, if he blabbed to Y/N then everything they were building up for would be for nothing. She also was able to get into his phone, figures he'd use her name as his password. She sent pictures of them together to herself and then deleted any trace that he sent anything to her at all. He had even deleted her number from his phone. Y/N probably made him, that irritated her even more. She kept flirting with him at the studio and lingered behind in the dance room to flirt or sneak a quick touch. He'd always shoo her off and tell her to go away but after nine weeks everything had been done. They were in love, they were happy and they were ripe for the picking. Ok showed up at the studio to meet up with Gi. They spoke in private about what they were going to do next. Ok had someone photo shopped pictures of Y/N and her boyfriend kissing each other. Gi thought they were real until Ok had explained that part. She sent the picture to Gi on her phone so she could show Chanyeol and after that he would get upset enough that she could sneak into his pants. Everything had gone according to plan. She walked into the studio where he was playing with the beats on his computer. He was still rapping out lyrics to the song trying to figure out what sounded right and getting rid of anything that just didn't fit. When he saw her come in, he looked back at his computer and said, "Get the hell out Gi. How many times do I have to tell you I don't want to see your face?" "I just thought you'd might like to see your lovely girlfriend sucking face with Huang Zitao. Wow she is just really into it." Gi said. Chanyeol looked at her annoyed, "What the fuck are you talking about?" "This." Gi walked over to him and leaned over his shoulder making sure her breast were up against him. She showed him the picture on her phone of Y/N and Tao kissing. "I wonder if you make her feel that good." she teased. He grabbed her phone standing up looking at the picture. He was furious and she could see it all over his face. He kept shaking his head like if he kept denying it then the picture before him would be a lie. It was a lie but the work was good enough to convince him too. "She wouldn't do this to me, she wouldn't go and see him not when we're making things work." Chanyeol denied. He was still looking away from her and while he was, she was quickly texting Y/N on his phone to show up to the studio for lunch. She was able to get it out quick enough that he didn't notice. He was still ranting about how she wouldn't do it to him. She loved him, she belonged him. Please, she was about ready to gag. Still she played it off, "Do you really think a girl like her could actually forgive you for doing what you did to her for almost a year? You really think she wouldn't want revenge?" "She is not like that you don't fucking know her." Chanyeol turned to her finally. He was furious but that only turned Gi on more, she was going to love getting fucked by him. She walked up to him, lust in her eyes equally as intense as the fury in his. She had her hands on his shoulder and she whispered seductively. "Do you think he made her feel as good as you made me? Perhaps he's just a better lover than you." "Stop it." he said pissed off. She forced his head down to kiss him after she laughed and he just gave in. He was upset at what he saw, he was upset at what she was telling him. He just gave into her, she had gotten into his head. They went into the booth and before she knew it Y/N had shown up while they were in a passionate fucking session. The look on her face was priceless, she bit back a laugh but continued to moan for Chanyeol to fuck her harder. All those times he had fucked her her calling out Y/N's name... this was the first time he'd ever called out her name. That wasn't even the end of it, Ok didn't just want to break her heart she wanted to ruin her image, get her fired, keep her away from Tao. She took the pictures that she had sent her weeks ago and had them printed out and blown up. She hired a few men to throw them on the streets in front of the building she worked at and to tape them up. It didn't take long to get the press to jump on it either. Gi found it hilarious that she was being humiliated like that. Ok was just waiting to watch her get fired. Gi had gotten everything she wanted. She got Chanyeol to fuck her again and hurt Y/N in the process. It felt good to finally win against a man. Chanyeol's POV Chanyeol didn't want to believe what he had seen. Y/N and him and been so good for nine weeks. He'd gotten her to ease back into the idea of trusting him, loving him more than she did before. She was just going behind his back the entire time. He deserved it but he was trying, he was trying so hard to be good to her. For her to just do this behind his back had infuriated him beyond belief. He wanted to get her back. He wanted to make her hurt. He had no right to do that after how bad he had already hurt her, after how hard it was for her to trust him and she probably still didn't but he was just furious with her. How could she just turn her back on everything they had built up together? Gi was right in front of him, pushing him further and further. He knew it was wrong but he didn't care anymore because Y/N had hurt him. She had said she stopped meeting up with Tao and that they only really spoke about business. She had said that she stopped talking to him over the chat room but she was probably still doing that too. He was furious and it just felt right to fuck Gi senseless. He didn't mean to say her name when he reached his climax but he could imagine how much it would hurt Y/N to know that he had called her name. He always only wanted her but she had betrayed him. She had left him feeling broken. Even still after he'd slept with Gi, he felt wrong. He felt like he was the betrayer, he shouldn't have done it and instant regret flowed over him. He was just defeated. Later on that day, Chanyeol had made it home from work early. He planned to wait for Y/N to walk through the door to talk to her. Sehun was the one to pick her up but it took her forever to show up. He started thinking that she was with him again, with Tao. He was getting annoyed so he called her phone. No answer. He called her again. No answer. Again and again and again and again, still no answer. Where the hell was she? He got pissed and ended up throwing a bottle against the wall. He texted Sehun to find out where the hell she'd gone. Sehun didn't answer right away but when he did, he side stepped the question and said, Sehun: This girl you claimed to have loved you have broken. I'm not sure if she'll pick up the pieces this time. Chanyeol: What the hell are you talking about? Sehun: Turn on the TV , watch the news. Watch how you and your slut of a back up dancer ruined the greatest thing that ever happened to you. Chanyeol never thought he'd see Sehun say such harsh words but he listened anyway. He turned on the news channel and he saw how Y/N had stood there in shock, the camera's flashing around and showing the private photos he'd taken of her on his phone. He had no idea how anyone even got those. The photo of her and Tao kissing was there too, he was shaking his head. Gi did this? All to get back at him? She really did this to her image, she really just ruined her like that? This was beyond rude, what he had done was terrible but this was unforgivable. What did she have against Y/N anyway? Was it because he loved her and not Gi? It suddenly dawned on him... she had played him. Even though she had those pictures set up at her work place, Gi had prayed on his worst fear and used it against him. He called Sehun, "Sehun let me speak to her." "She isn't here hyung, she left." "Where the fuck would she go? You drove her to and from work." he yelled. "I don't know where she'd go, she probably caught a train up to Busan to stay with her brother. She says she doesn't want to come back and she doesn't want to see you again." "Why is she so upset at me? She cheated on me too, we're even, now tell me where she went because I know you're lying." "She saw you fucking Gi again." He said. Sehun actually sounded pissed this time. "She saw you once again cheating on her in almost the exact same place she saw you cheating on her the first time, with the exact same god damn person. You fucking broke her heart. You want to know where she is, she's getting the hell away from you before you have a chance to break her even further. You have hurt her so much she isn't even the same person I knew from high school anymore. That bright sunshine smile she used to have is gone. She is so heartbroken I don't think she'll ever come back. So before you try and talk to me like that again, before you try to accuse her of cheating why don't you look at the facts you selfish son of a bitch. Y/N is the most trust worthy person in the world, she took you back even when you fucked her over, you continuously fucked her over for months without end. You fucking hurt her and you made her cry, you are the worst piece of shit I have ever had the displeasure of knowing and I swear I wish I had never encouraged her to take you back. I wish I had stuck to my guns and told her to leave you. I wish I had never let you two meet. If I had known how you'd destroy her heart and everything she was I swear to God Chanyeol I never, in a million years, would've let you meet her.... Even pictures can be faked, dumb-ass." That was the last thing Sehun had said before Chanyeol heard the abrupt click that ended the call. That last line stuck with him, every word he'd thrown out at him had hurt him, had struck him to the core and he felt like shit but that last line: even pictures can be faked dumb-ass. That was the line that stayed. Even as Chanyeol began turning over tables, breaking lamps, screaming out and throwing bottles of alcohol against the wall. He'd ruined everything again. He'd fucked up again, Gi had wanted to get back at him and she did. She destroyed his relationship and him along with it. He had destroyed Y/N. He kept saying that she would never do such a thing to him, that wasn't her but he still let his anger get to him. He had drank, and drank and drank until he passed out on the sofa. The hangover that was going to come next he could welcome knowing he deserved far worse than that. He wondered if he'd ever see her again.
I'm waiting for the part where Gi and Ok get screwed over an infinite amount of times as hard. Oh man Tao and Chanyeol are gonna take care of those two REAL well.
krama is going to get them bitches back twice as hard. i kinda wouldnt mind after a long long i mean long while being friends with Chanyeol.
Tao is going to find out about Ok and flip his script AND Chanyeol is going to help him get back at them (my predictions for the future 😄)
and agree with @HayleyYates Chanyeol and Tao team up to get the bitches back but then again i say let KRAMA take care of them
Wwoooaaahhhh!!!!!! Damn!!!!!!
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