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The first drama I ever watched was My lovely Sam Soon.... Here's a quick synopsis that took directly from wikipedia... My Lovely Sam Soon is a romantic comedy developed by MBC that centers on Kim Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah), a talent baker with a knack for pastries and cakes who finds her life in upheaval when she catches her boyfriend, Min Hyun Woo (Lee Kyu Han), in bed with another. At twenty-nine, she never quite expected her life to be where it was ' overweight, single now that she's dumped her cheating boyfriend, and in dire need of a job. Luckily though, Hyun Jin Heon (Hyun Bin) is just as desperate ' his restaurant needs a competent baker and he needs to get his family off his back by having a serious girlfriend. As the two make a deal, their headstrong personalities clash as things outside the kitchen begin to heat up. Things though are not as easy as they hoped as his ex-girlfriend, Yoo Hee Jin (Jung Ryu Won), returns to win him back, Min Hyun comes crawling back too, and Sam Soon gains a new admirer in the quite handsome and lovely Dr. Henry Kim (Daniel Henney). in all honesty some of the above information is in correct...Henry is in love with Hee Jin and not Sam Soon he just wants to be good friends with her.
my first Tawaniese Drama was Love Around again the synopsis taken from wiki.... Two individuals with opposite family backgrounds, she is the daughter of a former Chief of Police and he is the son of a former triad boss, become friends when both have just been dumped by their significant others. They use their heartbreak to console each other but soon their friendship turns to love, but their love may not survive when she publicly offends a man she doesn't know is his father. again they forget to mention that his father and her father had a run in when she was younger that resulted in her younger brother being killed. it is this past history that two families have to overcome and learn to forgive so the two main leads can be together. love the ost by still hits me in my soul every time.
bii --come back to me love around
Clazziquai--She is My lovely Sam Soon OST
My Lovely Sam Soon is classic. I think I watched it during high school? It was a cute drama and for the first time the female lead looks healthy!
love around is good...I rewatching it right now... I love Sam Soon. I think she still may be one of my favorite characters ever she was so real and I had a lot of personality traits she did. it really made me laugh and cry. it was just so good. I'm glad you enjoyed it @biancadanica98
I did watch My Name is Kim Sam Soon and liked it alot. I watched the 1st episode of Love Around and I enjoyed it but didn't continue for some reason, probably got distracted. I do plan to go back to watching it! Maybe after I finish Buzzer Beat 😁