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D.O X OC Word Count: 1754 need to start from the beginning? chapter 1 or just need to jump back a chapter? chapter 10 안녕 여러분~ Tell me what ya think in the comments~ Omg so last semester Red Velvet and Zion. T came to campus -- it was EPIC! I love university festivals in Korea. EXO doesn't actually perform at them lol....they're too popular I suppose. Neither does BTS...and Hanyang is an engineering school with mainly dudes, so it's always girl groups that come. Mamamoo came before. Oh well! Anyways I pictured my university when I wrote the part about the university festival.
Everyone piled into an office room for another meeting. With all the rehearsals and promotions lately, D.O was reminded of his time a few months ago before he agreed to be on "Meeting You".
The weather was getting colder and the days were getting shorter -- so everyone was getting tired of the restless nights in the studio and practice rooms.
"Boys, pretty soon we'll be announcing the date for the comeback. So we have a tight schedule coming up soon. We have a single ready and we're going to be doing a music video. It's just to appeal to the fans while we prepare the album. We've got to finish recording the album." The manager said with a heavy heart. He was tired, too. As always, the master schedule looked like a mess. Everyone was so busy with their own promotions and practice. D.O was in final auditions and interviews for the role of the patient in the drama he wanted. And with EXO's schedule, he didn't have much time to do anything else besides sleep a little.
In the same way, Lauren was busy herself. After doctor visits she would scurry home to take online courses -- from all the good news she's been getting, she decided to go back to college; but she's taking it slow and easy, now.
The boys moaned on their way to the practice rooms that stank from all the rehearsals of the SM groups. D.O and Kai passed a few of the trainees who formally greeted their superiors. D.O felt awkward, but also a pang of sorrow for the boys he passed; they didn't know what was ahead.
The boys were dripping with sweat after a long rehearsal, but the choreographer was relentless: "We're going to record this. You know how fans just love watching you all." He mentioned. D.O hated the idea of them recording the dance practice -- it was a practice, but he felt pressured to do it perfectly.
They all dragged themselves to their dorm late at night, each plopping on their beds, and resting their eyes before making it to the showers. The dorm stank. "D.O! What is taking you so long?" Xiumin shouted at the door of Kai's and D.O's room before swinging it open. "D.O! Wake up! We have to leave now!" He yelled when he saw a sleepy D.O curled up on his bed. Xiumin smacked D.O's butt to get him up making D.O whine and sloppily try to slap his hyung back to no avail. Once Xiumin left, D.O sat up and got ready. It had been almost a full day since D.O was able to get good sleep; it was the same for all of them. D.O wondered if this was how it was for every idol group or EXO was just managed poorly and didn't have a proper schedule. Once he was fully awake, he unplugged his fully charged phone and messaged Lauren: D.O (Fri 7:45pm): Hey~I tried sleeping, but couldn't. EXO's going to a university today to perform for their festival. I hate these. I love the fans, but the fans get crazy since it's free. I'm nervous. Once we get back I'll try messaging again. But...I'm very tired. Lauren (Fri 8:00pm): Okay, good luck! I hope to go to a university festival sometime. D.O (Fri 8:05pm): You can easily transfer to a nice school soon. You're so smart. Gotta go. Bye~ The car ride was quiet. As they arrived to the university, D.O watched a galore of students file out of the subway station and run up to the stage seating on campus. D.O forgot how much fun it was to just sit and ride the subway with his friends. It was relaxing; He and his friends would walk the entire train while it was moving and see who stumbled the most. They would sit next to each other on the empty last cart and just chat. When D.O was stressed about exams, he would ride line 2 all the way around in a circle. It wouldn't be relaxing if he tried now -- somebody may recognize him and it would be 2 minutes of hell station-to-station trying to avoid them. But would D.O ever have met Lauren if he wasn't a member of EXO? His family didn't live near her. He probably would've gone to university. She probably would've found a different kpop star to give her heart. Perhaps he was nostalgic for the old, pre-debut days, but at this point he doesn't regret anything. The performances before them were cute. The students poured out their energy to pump up their fellow classmates. D.O couldn't stop thinking about how he could've be among those if he hadn't auditioned for SM long ago. Two students sang a parody of Zico and Mino's "Okey Dokey" and it left everyone back stage screaming with laughter fits. And yet somehow when EXO walked on the stage, the audience screamed 2 pitches higher and were amplified to the point that the members honestly believed the students in the back wouldn't be able to hear. But they were just as excited back there. Their performance was short -- they had to leave campus so students would leave before the subways would shut down. Sure it was only 10:30 when they said their goodbyes and wished the students well on their exams, but considering how many students were filing down the stairs to the station, it probably would take longer than an hour and half to get back. It was going to be cramped and uncomfortable. Luckily, EXO got to ride the more luxurious van that drove them back to the dorms. Most of the members dozed off in the car ride, but Chanyeol kept pestering Baekyun and D.O about two twins he was obsessed with -- babies. On a tv show. Baekhyun cooed along with him, but D.O didn't really care. "Hyung! KBS has invited me to come onto the show to meet seojun and seoeon and the manager agreed. Why don't you join me? We could each play with one." He asked Baekhyun. Surprisingly nobody stirred when Baek squirmed and chirped with glee at the idea. D.O flinched and glared at them, silencing them, and allowing D.O to finally shut his eyes. -- The next afternoon EXO was caked with makeup and gooed with hair gel and spray. The commercial they were shooting was for some cell phone -- they were to look chic and stylish. A look every man wanted, but could apparently only get with this cell phone (and a bunch of products that D.O didn't even think he could afford). Suho was more than delighted to be there. He always was too happy when it came to publicity for EXO -- he seemed to be the right choice for leader. The poses the photographer chose were ridiculous. He had Lay in the most awkward position on a couch -- to look like he was relaxed while on the phone, but he seemed more stiff in that stance. Sehun was on the phone in the bathroom admiring himself while on the phone and taking selfies (it sort of seemed natural). D.O, Kai, and Baekhyun were grouped together. Funny enough Baekhyun was going to go through a transformation -- starting off as a lame dude with an old phone, seeing D.O and Kai with the new model, and then buying it and looking rad like the others. D.O just felt uncomfortable with the faces they had to make. The ending part was the most agonizing. He felt so strange trying to look sexy and chic when he felt like he wanted to just pass out and then go back to practice. D.O preferred the more relaxed, comfortable look. It wasn't until they finished the shoot that D.O saw that he had 3 missed calls and 2 unread messages. Unknown Number (Sat 5:30 pm): Kyungsoo dear, it's Mr. and Mrs. Choi. D.O was slightly alarmed; he never received messages from Lauren's parents. Unknown Number (Sat 5:32 pm): We just thought we should inform you that Miyeong (our Lauren) is in the hospital. Do not be quite alarmed, but she won't be able to contact you through phone for a while. If you wish to visit, do not be rushed. She is unconscious right now and it will do no good. Just work on that comeback Miyeong has been talking non-stop about. We all look forward to it so put your best work into it. Now D.O was super shaken up. Surprisingly he had never learned Lauren's real name and he sort of regretted not asking earlier; as a friend and someone who was very interested in her, he should've asked her. He liked her name which meant beautiful flower. She truly was a beautiful flower to him -- she bloomed so much and became a gorgeous blossom. He was in shock, frozen in his spot, re-reading the message from Lauren's parents. Chen came up laughing after a goofy Chanyeol had smudged all of Xiumin's makeup and messed up his hair; Xiumin looked like a scary clown. "D.O d.o d.o!!! Let's get going. The manager said he'd buy us ice cream tonight for getting this great commercial." Chen announced. D.O felt Chen's hand on his shoulder, but didn't hear his words. He could only hear his voice reading the message over and over again. "D.O? Is your mom mad at you for not calling her back last night?" He joked while simultaneoulsy peering over D.O's shoulder to read the message. His giggles ceased when he read it. "Hey D.O....I think you should come for ice cream." D.O turned over to Chen with droopy eyes. "You think?" "D.O. Ice cream~" He tried to distract D.O from the message. D.O tried his best to smile, but it didn't reach his eyes. He went with the boys to remove the copious amounts of makeup and hair gel and changed into regular clothes. Kai and Baekhyun were gleeful because the phone company was giving EXO the clothes to keep in addition to their payment for the commercial. D.O sighed because he couldn't think of a time he would ever wear those clothes. The ice cream tasted good. The chatter was useful. But nothing helped with the slight numb pain he felt in his chest. He felt slightly guilty; as though despite her parents suggesting he not visit yet, that he should've run to the hospital as quick as possible. But he couldn't.
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