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first Sehun and now Youngjae! why??? people are so rude!
So this war began by armys saying youngjae was copying Jimin... then they said atleast Jimin had talent and looks unlike Youngjae that doesn't.... excuse me??!! now I know not all armys are this rude... further more the rudeness was spread out through the land of instagram and twitter etc... like why? why can't people be quiet? and here is my thing about this!

first of.. we all respectfully know who the king of orange is... lol

Jimin looks amazing in orange

and so does Youngjae!

In fact, I think these armys are not even talking about color anymore! I mean one thing was to say oh copy orange blah blah.. but to say add that he is ugly and has no talent? that is just over the line! and to even think that this has already gotten to him makes me dislike those people even more! like what is wrong with fans now days bullying idols?
to all the haters that act like idols don't color their hair.. I can't even begin to try to explain this.. they are idols.. they color their hair constantly...uhh... anyways I know all armys aren't the same but these people can go f#&$@ !!
wow people can be so hateful I love that color on him it's good to see him experimenting with new colors and styles and since when did one person own one specific color? OMG THIS JUST SETS ME OFF I've been a fan of B.A.P for going on 2 years and love Youngjae. his voice is beautiful and his attitude is so sweet. All of B.A.P are. You know what I'm just going to be quiet now cause if I keep going I'm going to swear and really go off!
okay im an army and we should all know that BTS didn't invent or create everything so if we see some idols turningn their hair orange or mint or whatever we shouldn't instantaneously think that they are copying BTS. Besides calling another idol groups members ugly while trending #YouArePerfectJimin on twitter?? Really come on ARMYs lets not be hypocrites. All idols are beautiful and if we don't like how some treats our boys lets not do the same to their groups.
Well ladies I'm about to repost his beautiful picture on my instagram cause this beauty should not be hidden my instagram is lunaboo2000. love me or hate me but I will not take this without a fight
So uncalled for and just downright mean of these people. I just hate this side of fandoms... the mean fans who'll say anything to hurt others.
I'm an army, I may not be a fan of bap, but imma put this as my profile pic to show that he is beautiful and that no one ever owns a hair color. #RespectIdols
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