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why does this always happen to my bias?
first Sehun and now Youngjae! why??? people are so rude!
So this war began by armys saying youngjae was copying Jimin... then they said atleast Jimin had talent and looks unlike Youngjae that doesn't.... excuse me??!! now I know not all armys are this rude... further more the rudeness was spread out through the land of instagram and twitter etc... like why? why can't people be quiet? and here is my thing about this!

first of.. we all respectfully know who the king of orange is... lol

Jimin looks amazing in orange

and so does Youngjae!

In fact, I think these armys are not even talking about color anymore! I mean one thing was to say oh copy orange blah blah.. but to say add that he is ugly and has no talent? that is just over the line! and to even think that this has already gotten to him makes me dislike those people even more! like what is wrong with fans now days bullying idols?
to all the haters that act like idols don't color their hair.. I can't even begin to try to explain this.. they are idols.. they color their hair constantly...uhh... anyways I know all armys aren't the same but these people can go f#&$@ !!
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@Baekyeol27 aw don't worry.. I think alot of armys feel same way. it's embarrassing really
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I know not all ARMY are like this and I usually try to ignore fanwars and drama like this. But when they are doing it towards my bias group I can't help but feel mad. BAP and BABYS are the nicest, sweetest, caring people I know and for other people to talk bad about any of them really irritates me. Why can't people just get along and not have to put others down just because they had the same hair color as their favorite idol. I know the groups don't reflect the views of the fandoms for the most part. But Fandoms actions start to affect the group. Sorry had to rant a little ...
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I'm a VIP, an ARMY and a BABY and my bias for each group are GD, Jimin and Youngjae. I loved them before they had orange hair and I certainly swooned over each of them with orange hair. In fact, it is one of my favorite colors on them and Youngjae is so killing it right now! Beyond all that, each of them is talented and beautiful in their own way and it breaks my heart to know there are fake fans out there trying to start shit. It doesn't matter the idol, the group or the fandom. These men and woman work very hard and the fact that they became idols in the first place says a lot about their talent and skill level. There are thousands of trainees at companies in Korean this very moment. A majority of them will never debut. And there are thousands upon thousands more who are hoping to get a trainee spot at even the smallest, unknown company. The competition is stiff. The odds are not in their favor and they have to work extremely hard and have to be at the top of the game as far as talent and looks go. So it's ridiculous for haters to say these horrid things. Unfortunately haters will always exist. We just have to make sure we combat such ugliness with support and positivity so that Youngjae and all other idols know that the real fans have got their backs.
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@Helixx orange and blonde are the top colors right now, thats all. people can be so uhhghh! also... what an essay! ;) I give you an A+ lol
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