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[THIS CARD WILL BE UPDATED FROM TIME TO TIME] This is a list of stories that I've written.~ More will be written soon, so please look forward to that! They will be more diverse as I'm currently writing an UP10TION & BTOB one-shots! Also, I will be writing more girlxgirl stories! So please look forward to those as well!~ While going back to these stories, I realized that I haven't written second parts where I should have. I apologize for that, and I'll add a second/ third part to it soon! (: [These are in order from recent to the first ones that I've written. Sorted by month, unless they are series/ continuations]

In A Relationship Series. [BTS]

(If they don't have links, they have not been posted yet. Also, these stories have their own collections, except for the ones that aren't uploaded.) Namjoon Prologue Seokjin Prologue Jimin Prologue Jungkook Prologue Taehyung Prologue Hoseok Prologue Yoongi Prologue

August/ September}}

When A Heart Breaks {Seo Eunkwang; BTOB} [Angst/Fluff]

July & June}}

I Love You {Min Yoongi; BTS} [Fluff/Smut] Bully {Lee Minhyuk; BTOB} [Angst] I Love You {Amber Liu; F(x)} [Fluff] Letting Go {Wu Yifan; EXO} [Mild Fluff/ Angst]

April & March}}

{Min Yoongi; BTS} [Fluff/ Angst] For The Love Of The Ship {Any Idol} [Angst turned Fluff] (Written by @EWillSea but posted by me.) Every Breaking Wave {Any Idol} [Angst] (Also written by @EWillSea but posted by me.) Mystery Imagine Ending #1

February & January}}

Heart Like Yours {Oh Sehun; EXO} [Angst] (Continuation pt. 1) [Fluff/ Angst] (Inspired by the movie, 'If I Stay.') {Jung Hoseok; BTS} [Fluff] {Jung Hoseok; BTS} [Angst/Fluff] {Kwon Jiyong; BIG BANG} [Fluff] {Kim Namjoon; BTS} [Fluff] {Kim Namjoon; BTS) [Angst] {Jackson Wang; GOT7} [Fluff]


{Hoseok & Jimin} [Mild Fluff/ Angst] Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7
From here, it goes to last year. (:

December & November}}

{Kim Junmyeon; EXO} [Angst/ Fluff] (I'm very proud of this one. It's my favorite story that I've ever written.) {Byun Baekhyun; EXO} [Fluff] Christmas Special {EXO} [Fluff] {Min Yoongi; BTS} [Fluff] Park Chanyeol (This has mention of Suicide. Please read with caution.) [Angst/ Fluff] Kim Namjoon [Angst/ Fluff] Jeon Jungkook [Fluff] Park Jimin [Fluff] Kim Taehyung [Fluff]

October & September}}

Kim Seokjin [Fluff] Oh Sehun [Fluff] Pt. 2 Kim Taehyung [Fluff/ Angst] Pt. 2 [Fluff] Zhang Yixing [Angst]
I have an Amber Fan Fic that is also posted already, but I am currently editing it. You can read it if you want, but it is not going to be on this card just yet.
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