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Ok don't u ever get this feeling like ur all stressed out just bc u can't pick one bias from each of ur fave groups....THATS LIKE MY HUGE PROBLEM OF THE DAY.
First group that got me into Kpop is EXO. In 2013 its soooo hard for me to pick bias bc there with 12 (ot12 shit) members and my first bias was Tao... then changed into Kai, then Baekhyun, then Sehun, then Yixing and soo on In 2016 my bias rn is Baekhyun... actually its between Kai and Baek.
But then GOT7 came along, SHIT.... first buas was BamBam, then Jackson, Then Mark, Youngjae, then back to BamBam
Then BTS. They legit killed me....IT WAS SOO HARD HARDER THAN all started with Jungkook, then Jimin, then back to Jungkook, then Taehyung, then J-Hope...then back to Jungkook. That is the reason why we now have bias wreckers.
Astro............. SHIT Bias atm: Moonbin
thats it from me y'all. really
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that is sooooo true.... especially with bts