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Yui it's time to wake up. (Someone whispers in my ear. I open my eyes slowly to see Vernon standing over me then I close my eyes back.) You better wake up or else...You left me no choice. (He starts to tickle me.) "Ahahaha okay okay I'm up". (He stops tickling me then walks out so I quickly get dressed then follow him.) "So for you to wake me up it must be something special right". Actually it is. (I turn around to see Joshua behind me I hug him then let go.) Look we've known each other for a year now and I really really love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you so...(he gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring.) Will you marry me and become my princess? "Joshua yes of course!!" (I hug him and our lips lock in the most passionate kiss yet. Everyone gathers around in another group hug as my tears of joy flow.) Aww don't cry come here. (Jeonghan hugs me as Hoshi, Dino, and Mingyu join in.) Your like our sister we've known each other since we we're little and honestly this is the best moment ever so smile princess this is your time to live your fairy tale. (I smile then hug everybody.) "Let's go get some food and bubble tea to celebrate". Sure oh and there is this cool party later a ton of idols will be there and this will be a chance to show off your voice more. "You know my voice using the only talent I have dancing skills I've been practicing ever since I was little plus I'm a fast learner". Cool then it's settle your gonna perform in front of tons of idols. "Wait what?" No time for questions let's go eat. (Before I could say anything else I was being pushed out the door.) -Time Skip- (We we're walking to a food place when I thought of something.) "Hey do you all remember the dance we did when we we're little?" Yeah but how about we make up a knew one so that everyone can enjoy..ooh wait how about these two dance together at the part later. "What me and Joshua in front of idols I mean if he wants we could. (I say blushing as we enter the food place we all ordered some Bibimbap and bubble tea.) So how do you both feel about the performance thing? "Seungkwan I already told you I'm a bit nervous but I'm sure it will be fun I'm up for the challenge". Yeah I look forward to it. (After we we're done we head back home to change and was on our way to the party. We arrive at the party and I couldn't hold back my excitement.) Hey look royalty has arrived. (Everyone cheers for us then look at me.) They also brought a princess well as we promised the stage is yours. (We step up on the stage and dance to trouble maker "Now" it was amazing how smooth it went. Everyone cheered as we finished with a sexy yet cute pose and it was now time for my singing performance with one group of idols so I chose twice cheer up. "Maeil ullineun belbelbel ijen nareul baeryeo haejwo baeteori nangbihagin sirheo" Jakkuman bwa jakku jakkuman wa jeonhwags prong teojil geotman gata Molla molla sumdo not swindae na ttaemune himdeureo king simjangi tteoreojindae wa Gyae msreun ns neomu yeppeudae jarang haneungeon anigu A akkaneun not badaseo mianhae "Chingureul mannaneura shy shy shy" Mannagin jom geureoku mianhae Jom itda yeollakhalge later Joreujima Eomma gaji Anna bureuge haejulge baby Ajigeun jom ileo nae mam gatgin illeo hajiman deo boyeojullae "Cheer up baby cheer up baby jom deo himeul yeojaga swibge mameul jumyeon and wa geuraeya niga nal deo johahage doelgeol" Taeyeonhage yeongihallae amureohji anhke naega neol johahaneun mam moreuge just get together and then baby cheer up -fast forward- "Nado niga joha sangcheo ibeulkka" Geokjeongdoejiman yeojanikka ihaehaejugil Sok maeun deulkil kkabwa geobina jigeumcheoreom jogeumman deo dagawa geuri orae geollijin Anna just get together and then baby cheer up Be a man, a real man gotta see you love me like a real man Be a man, a real man gotta see you love me like a real man Cheer up baby ("oh~) cheer up baby jom deo himeul nae yeojaga swibge mameul jumyeon andwae geuraeya niga nal deo johahage doelgeol Taeyeonhage yeongihallae amureohji anhke naega neol johahaneun mam moreuge "Just get together and then baby cheer up~" (Bowing i exit the stage and enjoy the rest of the party.) Wow you were really great up their whats your name. (Im freaking out exo and got7 are right in front of me.) "My name is yui its a pleasure to meet you". The pleasures all ours you know you have a wonderful voice you would make a great idol. "Thanks so much hopefully someone will notice me". Trust me they will anyway enjoy the party. (They walk away and i rejoin with the boys.) I hope this isn't to bad anyway how do you feel about Joshua proposing to yui anyway I'm out until next time Annyeong carats @selfishmachines @RochelleRose @BBxGD @EmilyPeacock @VatcheeAfandi99 @BrennaHarding
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@BrennaHarding yep now she's royalty as well
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